Wilson Staff unleash softest golf balls ever

Wilson Staff say they have produced three of the softest balls on the market, in three different categories

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Wed, 15 Mar 2017
Wilson Staff unleash softest golf balls ever

Wilson Staff has revealed three golf balls for 2017, billed as the softest golf balls on the market in three different categories.

The DX2 Soft is a 29 compression golf ball designed for long hitters that want low spin and feel around the greens.

The two-piece ball has the lowest spin rate on the market, says Wilson, while the 302 dimple pattern aids ball flight.

The 35 compression DX3 Spin ball has similar distance and feel characteristics, with more control and spin around the greens. Wilson says it is regarded as the softest multi-layer ball on the market.

The three-piece ball has an inner core that spins with short irons, while still providing distance.

The DX3 Urethane, billed as the softest urethane ball on the market at a compression of 55, boasts high spin and feel.

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DX2 Soft (White, Yellow and Women’s) - £19.99

DX3 Spin (White) - £24.99

DX3 Urethane (White) - £29.99 per dozen