Jones Golf Bags Original Navy Bag Review

Jones Golf Bags Original: traditional aesthetic, modern performance. 

Wed, 16 May 2018
Jones Golf Bags Original Navy Bag Review

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Superb aesthetics, light, simple
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PRICE: £104.00 YEAR: from 2018

The Jones carry bag is an updated version of one of the most iconic bags in the game of golf. 

The design is effortlessly simple – a classic with a sprinkling of modernity. It has a three-way club divider, three pockets, an umbrella sleeve and a single padded strap.  The pockets are compact but if you are not a hoarder of balls and tees, then you will be fine. It has all you need. 

There are some subtle bits of design that add that extra bit of flair, such as the twisted handle and the Jones Logo on the base of the bag. 

There are six different colour options – navy, maroon, grey, green, black and red, all of which are combined with white detailing.

The set-up is lightweight, thanks to being compact and only having the single straps. Even with 14 clubs and a variety of added extras in the pockets, it takes little effort to sling it over the shoulder and traverse 18.

Occasionally you may have to leave it on wet ground, especially if you are playing in the UK, but it has sufficient durability and dries out quickly.

Following their successful revival of golf carry and stand bags, Jones have now expanded their line and offer everything from the original one strap bag to headwear, apparel and lifestyle products. We suggest you take a look, as there's a lot to like in there. 


The Jones Original carry bag is a simple, well-designed product. It's perfect for those players that want a lightweight ‘pencil’ bag that is also super stylish. It has a retro aesthetic, blended with modern performance. 

This one will be in play for some time!

Head to the Jones website for more.