Golfstream Vision electric trolley review

Golfstream Vision trolley review: sleek, stylish and performance driven. 

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Mon, 30 Apr 2018
Golfstream Vision electric trolley review

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Sleek, easy to use, great display
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PRICE: £449.00 YEAR: from 2018

You may not know a great deal about Golfstream. I didn’t, and I work on golf equipment every day. 

But in the Vision trolley, the brand have manufactured a product that could propel them into the forefront of golfers’ minds. Well, trolley users’ minds.

Formerly a spare parts company, Golfstream have used their years of expertise and poured it into this model. They know what golfers require. And it shows. 


Sleek, premium, classy. Sometimes electric trolleys can get chunky and obese, but the Vision does not fall into this category. It looks like a push trolley, with a lithium battery strapped to it.

The display is also an appealing size, large enough so it is simple to read, but not garishly large.


The easiest electric trolley to fold and unfold we’ve ever used. We won’t go into much detail, because if you can’t work out how to perform the task, there are deeper issues.

Two simple straps hold the bag in place, and it seems relatively well held in place. Some other brands offer more sturdy strapping, but we didn’t have any issues with our bag slipping around.

The paper-like display is fantastic, with numbers seemingly jumping off the screen. In bright sunlight it still works really well, which can't be said for some trolleys. 

Users can go up in .5 increments regarding speed which is actually quite useful, as we found our pace was often inbetween numbers.

There’s also a distance control function, meaning you can send your bag off on its own if that’s your thing.

Now, the most important part of any electric trolley - the battery. It comes in standard (£299) or an 18-hole CaddyCell LiFePO4 lithium battery (£449), which is very easy to charge and plug into the trolley. It also has a carry handle for transportation. There are smaller and lighter batteries out there, but we think this does the job.

However, a significant advantage is this trolley takes all popular batteries. So if you have one from your previous model, you can plug it into this and away you go. 


A premium product in the electric trolley market. The Golfstream Vision does the basics brilliantly and looks good doing it. 

We think the Vision could cement Golfstream on the map.