Jones Trail Blazer Golf Carry Bag Review

GolfMagic tests out the Original Jones Trail Blazer Golf Carry Bag.

Jones Trail Blazer Golf Carry Bag Review
Jones Trail Blazer Golf Carry Bag Review
Retro vibe, comfortable, light, plenty of storage, perfect for par-3 rounds or some twilight golf
Towards top end of market for price

Jones Trail Blazer Golf Carry Bag Key Features

  • 3-Way Divider System
  • 3 Pockets in Total
  • 1260 Nylon / Jones Vinyl
  • Single Carry Strap


When it comes to retro-style single strap carry bags that help keep the game simple, it does not get any bigger and better than Original Jones and its classic Trail Blazer.

After catching up with the brand at the 2024 PGA Show, the company was kind enough to send GolfMagic their standout one-strapper of the season in a snazzy black and red design.

Original Jones' first-ever Trail Blazer hit the shelves back in 1971, and it has now become one of the most iconic bags in the sport.

So much so, it has already sold out with a number of retailers this season. However, the Trail Blazer is readily available over on the Original Jones website so we encourage you to pay a visit here.

Jones Trail Blazer Carry Bag
Jones Trail Blazer Carry Bag

Combining traditional George Jones stylings with modern materials, the Original Jones Trail Blazer is designed specifically for the walking golfer.

While this is most certainly a great bag for full 18-hole rounds of golf, we certainly think it's an even better choice for those typically playing par-3 rounds or twilight 9-holers after work.

Sound a bit of you?

Let's delve a bit deeper...

Jones Trail Blazer Carry Bag
Jones Trail Blazer Carry Bag

As we say, there is plenty of space to get all 14 of your golf clubs in the Original Jones Trail Blazer.

Yes, there are more spacious top dividers on golf bags than this one for your full set, but make no mistake about it a full set of clubs fit nice and snugly in the TB.

For us though, it's just a great bag for some par-3 golf or if you fancy taking maybe half or a 3/4 set out there in twilight hours as you skip round the course.

No faff, over the shoulder, bosh.

Jones Trail Blazer Carry Bag
Jones Trail Blazer Carry Bag

For someone that also struggles with a bit of back pain from time to time on the golf course, just like myself, the Trail Blazer really is a very suitable option.

The bag comes with a 7.5-inch top cuff with three-way club dividers for a minimalistic approach that just happens to save a lot of weight.

Its single strap is also padded which aids the level of comfort you experience around the course.

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What's more, the Original Jones Trail Blazer is packed full of storage with three pockets in total, two positioned at the front and one at the back.

There is also an increased mesh sleeve inside the pockets that can accomodate larger water bottles to keep you hydrated, too.

Other nice touches to the TB include its water-resistant and leather-look vinyl material.

We noticed this vinyl kept our grips dry throughout the duration of the round, even when the heavens did open for about 30 minutes.

Jones Trail Blazer Carry Bag
Jones Trail Blazer Carry Bag

Should you purchase the Original Jones Trail Blazer Carry Bag?

Absolutely, especially if you love a retro vibe.

We would place this bag towards the very top of the list for par-3 golfers or those that enjoy nipping out for some twilight golf with perhaps a 3/4 set.

As we say, this bag is still great for a full 18-hole round of golf, but that would be our preference if regularly using this bag.

It's certainly towards the top end of the market for a single strap carry bag this season, but can you really put a price on comfort, lightness, space and looks?

We'll leave that decision up to you, but we would highly recommend taking a closer look at the Original Jones Trail Blazer if you are in the market for a carry bag this season.


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