Motocaddy M5 GPS DHC Electric Trolley and Dry Series Bag Review

GolfMagic tests out the Motocaddy M5 GPS DHC Electric trolley and Dry Series Cart Bag.

Motocaddy M5 GPS
Motocaddy M5 GPS
Built-in GPS is an instant shot saver, DHC makes manoeuvring hills a piece of cake, fantastic build quality and reliability
Hazard acronyms were a bit confusing at first

Motocaddy M5 GPS DHC Key Features

  • Fully integrated GPS: built into a super-responsive 3.5” touchscreen display
  • Downhill Control: ensures the trolley maintains a constant speed while moving down a gradient
  • Smart connectivity: M5 GPS DHC can also be connected via Bluetooth to the free Motocaddy GPS app to offer a wide range of smartphone notifications


The Motocaddy M5 GPS  DHC is one of Motocaddy's premium GPS-integrated electric trolleys, and it's packed with a number of bells and whistles to help golfers navigate the course with ease. 

Motocaddy is one of the most recognisable names in the electric trolley category, and it's been making state-of-the-art club transportation solutions for as long as we can remember. 

The M5 GPS DHC is, without a doubt, one of the brand's most complete trolleys, and it offers golfers a wide selection of features designed to not only help them transport their clubs with ease but also help them play better golf.

To see if we could bring our scores down using the M5 GPS, we took it for a spin at Mannings Heath Golf and Wine Estate. 

Let's get into it. 

Motocaddy M5 GPS
Motocaddy M5 GPS

First things first, how easy is the M5 GPS to transport and set up?

When folded, the M5 GPS is very compact. Thanks to a two-step folding process and inverted wheels, the trolley takes up a very limited amount of boot space when in its folded form. 

For reference, we currently drive a relatively small Renault Clio, and our boot had plenty of room to fit the trolley and any other on-course essentials. 

Setting up the M5 GPS is a breeze. It only takes a few moments, making it a convenient choice for any golfer. 

The two-step folding process requires two latches to be flicked before the whole trolley folds out with the front wheel flipping out the front. Thanks to the EASILOCK base, attaching a Motocaddy bag can also be done in seconds. 

The EASILOCK base is an excellent feature that uses two pins to hold in place any compatible Motocaddy bag. 

Motocaddy M5 GPS
Motocaddy M5 GPS

The two pins prevent the need for a bottom strap while also holding the bag in place, preventing it from twisting out of position during your round. 

So, once the trolley was set up, a simple tap of the central button and we were on the move. 

The central button on the handle allows you to stop and start the trolley and also allows you to change speed with a single twist. 

This feature is very intuitive, and we figured out our ideal speed in no time. 

The trolley has nine different speed settings, and our personal favourite was six, which kept the trolley at a smooth speed without it getting away from us. 

In terms of aesthetics and feel, the M5 GPS has a distinctly modern look. The black, grey and blue colour scheme looks great paired with almost any bag, and the solid build radiates a sturdiness that evokes confidence and quality. 

So, out onto the course we went, and the first thing that impressed us was the Downhill Control or DHC, as we will now refer to it.

The DHC is designed to ensure your trolley maintains a consistent speed when going downhill so it doesn't race away down steep gradients. 

The 1st tee at Mannings Heath is high above the fairway, which gave us an early chance to test it out. 

As we walked down the hill, we could feel the trolley holding its speed, and we had no issues with it rolling ahead of us. 

This feature is an excellent addition, and it will come in very handy if you're a golfer whose home course is quite hilly. 

There's nothing worse than a trolley racing down a hill destined for peril, but thanks to DHC, that's one less thing to worry about on the course. 

Motocaddy M5 GPS
Motocaddy M5 GPS

Once we navigated the first hill, our attention was drawn to the bright LCD screen, where the GPS is operated. 

The inbuilt GPS has over 40,000 pre-loaded courses on it, and once you are on the tee, setting up your round couldn't be easier. 

The GPS quickly finds the course you are on, and you are all set to start your round. 

Within the GPS setup, you have yardages to the green, front, middle and back distances, a dynamic green view and drop and drag pin placements. 

Hazards are also highlighted on screen, and although the acronyms were slightly confusing at first, we quickly figured them out, which dramatically improved our strategy on the course. 

We would honestly go so far as to say it's like having a real-life caddie at your fingertips. 

We found the GPS system very easy to use, and thanks to the bright screen, the display was still crystal clear even when the sun was out. 

The handle also offers a USB charging port, which is ideal for charging your phone or any other USB device you might have to hand. 

Typically, we use a rangefinder when playing golf, but thanks to the built-in GPS, we kept it in its case, which, thanks to the clip-on attachment next to the handle, meant it was never far away if needed. 

Motocaddy M5 GPS
Motocaddy M5 GPS

In terms of manoeuvrability, the trolley was very receptive, and changing its course was as easy as a slight move of the handle, which guides the single front wheel. 

The wheels themselves are also nice and chunky, which made thick, rough or tough terrain no match for the M5 GPS. 

All in all, we were very impressed by the M5 GPS; it glides over the ground, is very easy to control, and, thanks to the built-in GPS, saved us a number of shots on the course. 

If you're looking for a trolley that offers the ultimate caddie experience, then the M5 GPS is very hard to beat. 

It covers almost every base and does so in style while being very compact and easy to transport. 

It's also worth noting that the M5 GPS could also save a life, it can indicate the availability and location of on-course AEDs and provide golfers with CPR instructions to administer to anyone suffering a cardiac arrest.

Motocaddy Dry Series
Motocaddy Dry Series

While testing the M5 GPS DHC, we were also equipped with a Motocaddy DRY Series cart bag.

The DRY Series, as you might have guessed from the name, is purpose-built to keep your clubs and possessions dry from inclement weather. 

The sleek bag features nine spacious pockets for storing all of your belongings and is made from fully waterproof TPU-coated Nylon. 

Each seam is thermo-sealed and heat‑welded to ensure not a single drop of water enters the bag.

The bag also boasts 14 full-length club dividers, an integrated umbrella holder and a towel and accessory hook for a laser rangefinder. 

The DRY series was the perfect on-course companion, and you can really tell it was designed by someone who plays golf. 

All of the pockets are perfectly placed, with each offering a generous amount of storage for extra clothes, balls, tees or anything else you might need on the course. 

From a practical level, we can't fault the DRY Series bag, and from a visual perspective, it ticks a lot of boxes, too. 

If you're considering buying a Motocaddy trolley, we would highly recommend getting the full package and purchasing a Motocaddy bag, too. 

Not only are the bags excellent, but thanks to the EASILOCK compatibility, they work in perfect harmony. 

Motocaddy M5 GPS DHC
Motocaddy M5 GPS DHC

Should you buy a Motocaddy M5 GPS DHC and DRY Series Bag?

The simple answer to this is yes. 

The Motocaddy M5 GPS DHC is an excellent trolley that will not only make transporting your clubs easier but also help you navigate the course and make informed decisions before every shot. 

The M5 GPS DHC's fantastic build quality, intuitive design, and lovely aesthetics make it the full package that could quickly transform the way you play golf. 

As previously mentioned, we would also highly recommend purchasing the DRY Series bag to go with the trolley.

The bag itself is top-notch and will deliver everything you could ever need from a year-round cart bag. 

When you add EASILOCK compatibility into the mix, it's a no-brainer. 

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