Stewart Golf VERTX Remote Electric Trolley Review

GolfMagic tests out the Stewart Golf VERTX Remote Electric Trolley.

Stewart Golf VERTX
Stewart Golf VERTX
Very easy to use and setup, Active Terrain Control allows the trolley to easily manoeuvre tough hills, remote is very responsive and can be used from long range
We would have liked to see the 45 hole battery come as standard

Stewart Golf Vertex Remote Key Features:

  • Active Terrain Control: helps the trolley to navigate steep hills and sharp declines
  • Responsive remote: quick and instant control of the trolley at the press of a button
  • Compact folding design: allows the trolley to be easily transported while taking up minimal boot space

The Stewart Golf VERTX Remote electric trolley is part of Stewart Golf's highly impressive line of trolleys that also features the Q Follow Carbon, which we reviewed a few weeks ago. 

Boasting four wheels, active terrain control, a handy remote and anti-tip wheel, the VERTX is a premium offering that delivers seamless club transportation no matter how tough the terrain. 

To fully test out how the VERTX would perform, we took it down to Minchinhampton Golf Course to put it through its paces. 

Let's get into it.

Stewart Golf VERTX
Stewart Golf VERTX

So, first things first, how easy is the VERTX to transport and set up?

Well, the answer to that is very. The trolley folds up and down using a three-step folding process, and thanks to the built-in and auto-retractable rear stabiliser, zero assembly is needed.

Once out of its handy carry case, the trolley can be set up and ready to go in mere seconds. 

In terms of dimensions and weight, the trolley is 21.3 inches tall, 12.6 inches deep and 23.6 inches wide, which means it can be easily placed in a boot of almost any size. We have a small Renault Clio, and it easily fits in the boot with plenty of space for your other golfing essentials. 

The trolley also weighs just over 14kg and has a built-in handle, which makes it very easy to get in and out of the car. 

Once folded out, all you need to do is adjust the two thick rubber straps around your bag, and you're ready to play. 

Stewart Golf VERTX
Stewart Golf VERTX

The next obvious step is getting the trolley moving. Thankfully, the large but light remote that controls the VERTX is very easy to operate. 

With nine buttons to choose from, setting the trolley on its way simply requires the user to press the forward button. 

The left and right arrow keys allow you to change direction, while the forward and backward arrows allow you to adjust speed or bring the trolley to a halt. 

The stop button also allows you to bring the trolley to a more abrupt stop. 

The remote also features a cruise control function, which allows you to preset your favourite speeds, which can be selected with a single click of a button. 

Sometimes, golf tech can be confusing or fiddly. Trust us, we've used our fair share, but the VERTX really excels in simplifying the whole process. 

After only one hole, we had complete control of the trolley, and manoeuvring it to avoid objects or remain on the path was incredibly easy. 

Stewart Golf VERTX
Stewart Golf VERTX

While we loved the Stewart Q Follow Carbon, the only minor issue we had with it was that changes of direction were ever so slightly jumpy, almost as if the trolley itself was stopping, changing direction, and then starting again. However the VERTX is as smooth as silk in its transitions. 

As it glided across the grass, it reminded us of a figure skater gracefully swerving across the ice.

At this juncture, it's also worth mentioning the Active Terrain Control built into this trolley. Stewart Golf prides itself on the level of stress testing it puts its trolley through, and the VERTX was even tested on a ski slope to ensure it could perform. 

Needless to say, we didn't encounter any black runs during testing, but the trolley does an incredible job of maintaining speed on ascents or descents thanks to an inbuilt computer that allows the engine to adjust its power over 1,000 times per second. 

The trolley also comes with an anti-tip wheel, which ensures that even when climbing the steepest hills, the trolley will remain upright, preventing your bag from falling over and spilling its contents.

Another neat feature that's built into the Active Terrain Control is that when you are going downhill, the engine generates power that is fed back into the battery, extending its life. 

Speaking of batteries, the one that comes included in the VERTX is good for 27 holes, but it can also be upgraded to a 45-hole version for an upcharge. 

Stewart Golf VERTX
Stewart Golf VERTX

If we're being honest, for the price of this trolley, we would have loved the 45-hole battery to come as standard. However, that's probably the only slight issue we have with it. 

The battery is also neatly tucked away in the base of the trolley, ensuring it does not diminish the visuals.

In terms of looks, the VERTX is very sleek, the black body is understated, and the four wheels look suitably sleek.

Overall, the VERTX's user experience is outstanding. The movement is fluid, the remote is responsive, and the freedom it allows you on the course means you can enjoy your round without any of the stress of carrying your clubs or pushing a trolley. 

The VERTX is hard to fault, and the build quality is superb. During our testing period, we encountered absolutely no hiccups or issues. 

Stewart Golf VERTX
Stewart Golf VERTX

Should you buy a Stewart Golf VERTX

If you're looking for a premium remote-controlled trolley that will not only work on, but conquer tough terrain and hills, then the Stewart Golf VERTX Remote would be an excellent choice.

Compact, easy to set up, and incredibly reliable, the VERTX is an excellent piece of tech that will allow you the freedom to truly relax while playing golf. 

Our only gripe is that the 45-hole battery doesn't come as standard, but other than that, this trolley is very hard to fault.  

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