OGIO Shadow Golf Bag Review

GolfMagic tests out the new OGIO Shadow Golf Bag.

OGIO Shadow Golf Bag
OGIO Shadow Golf Bag
Exceptional build quality and attention to detail, excellent array of storage solutions, beautiful clean design
Price point may be a bit high for some golfers

OGIO Shadow Golf Bag Key Features:

  • Premium synthetic leather construction: soft to the touch and highly durable
  • Padded straps featuring EVA and Fit Disk technology: provide a luxurious ride and self-regulating fit
  • Perforated moulded hip pad: ensure long-lasting on-course comfort
  • Nine pockets: an abundance of space to fit all of your essentials and clothing

Introducing the Shadow bag, the latest addition to OGIO's exclusive lineup. This bag is designed to deliver luxury in all the right places, using modern minimalism to create a lasting impression.

OGIO, a brand with a long-standing reputation for quality and innovation in bag making, has recently launched the new Shadow range, its most premium offering yet. 

The bags are fine-tuned to appeal to the most discerning golfers and those who really appreciate finer details and luxury touches. 

We were fortunate enough to test out the bag on a beautiful sunny day at The Berkshire, and we were so impressed that it went straight into our Best Golf Bags of 2024 guide. 

Let's get into it.

OGIO Shadow Bag
OGIO Shadow Bag

When we pulled it out of the box, our first impression of this bag was how premium every detail is. 

The synthetic leather is soft to the touch, the zippers are sturdy, the padding is thick, and the pockets are well thought out. 

First things first, let's get on to looks. 

The bag comes in four different colours: white, blue, black, and grey. We chose the blue option and were instantly pleased with our decision. 

The deep blue body of the bag is complimented nicely by black piping that surrounds the pockets and features across the inside of the straps. 

The synthetic leather is primarily left clear; however, small perforations near the top of the bag and the valuables pocket add lovely texture to the finish. 

The overall design is kept very simple. There is no big branding, and the only visual nods to OGIO are featured in the shape of a small logo above the valuables pocket and on the straps.

We're huge fans of this particular style.

Simple, clean, refined and luxurious, this bag ticks a whole lot of boxes in the visual department. 

OGIO Shadow Bag
OGIO Shadow Bag

In terms of functionality, this bag also gets top marks from us. 

There are nine pockets in total, which provide various handy storage solutions for anything you might need on the course. 

A large apparel pocket runs down the outside of the bag, paired with a smaller pocket ideal for tees and an open slip-in pocket that could easily fit a water bottle or anything else you need immediate access to. 

On the back of the bag are a spacious ball pocket, magnetic valuables pockets and two very handy elastic-topped holders, which we found perfect for keeping our phone in. 

On the inside of the bag is another zipped pocket, which could be used for storing a snood or woolly hat in the winter, and an additional slide-in pocket, which we found was ideal for our water bottle, allowing us easy access while we walked. 

OGIO Shadow Bag
OGIO Shadow Bag

Further up the bag are also four pen and tee sleeves, so you can ensure you're fully equipped for you or your golf partner. 

All the pockets are very well thought out, and you can tell this bag was designed by someone who plays golf. The position, depth and opening of each pocket are very considered, and it meant that during our round, we found it incredibly easy to store and access everything we needed. 

A small detail we often find lacking on golf bags these days is the ability to open pockets with one hand; thankfully, thanks to the quality of zips, use of magnets, and open-ended pockets, that was an issue we did not encounter with the Shadow. 

OGIO Shadow Bag
OGIO Shadow Bag

The top of the bag has a four-way divider, which allowed us to separate our clubs out nicely. The dividers also run down the full length of the bag, which prevented our clubs from getting congested in the bottom and made taking them out and putting them back in a straight forward procedure.

Moving on to the straps and stand, we were once again impressed by the attention to detail. 

OGIO Shadow Bag
OGIO Shadow Bag

The stand releases and snaps back easily, and the legs are also made of carbon fibre, which adds visual appeal and makes them particularly durable. 

The straps are well padded, and the thickness of the foam inserts allowed us to carry for 18 holes without any issues. 

OGIO Shadow Bag
OGIO Shadow Bag

The straps also have a Fit Disk, which automatically regulates where the bag sits on your back. 

The clever innovation means the bag will self-adjust when you pick it up to ensure it sits comfortably on your back and that both straps stay at an appropriate height and length. 

Additional touches that we particularly like are the perforated hip pad, premium stitch handle, and towel. 

In terms of functionality, we really can't fault this bag. It is worth mentioning, however, that it's not fully waterproof. 

It would undoubtedly withstand some drizzle or a brief shower, but we wouldn't recommend taking it out if you're expecting a torrential downpour. 

OGIO Shadow Bag
OGIO Shadow Bag

Should you buy an OGIO Shadow Bag?

If you're a golfer who enjoys simple but effective design, luxury construction and premium comfort, then the Shadow bag is well worth your time and attention. 

Incredibly well thought out, effortlessly stylish and incredibly practical, this bag truly ticks almost every box.

The only slight downside that comes with this bag is the high price point. 

Coming in at £369, this bag is by no means cheap, and for a wider golfing audience, that might be a tough pill to swallow. However, if you have the cash to burn and you're looking to upgrade your current bag, there are few bags on the market today that provide as much bang for your buck. 

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