Stewart Golf Q Follow Carbon Electric Trolley Review

GolfMagic test out the Stewart Golf Q Follow Carbon Electric Trolley.

Stewart Golf Q Follow Carbon
Stewart Golf Q Follow Carbon
Follow feature is an absolute game changer, remote control is very easy to use, like having a real-life caddie
Price may prove too high for some golfers

Stewart Golf Q Follow Carbon Key Features:

  • Follow function: one click, and the trolley will follow your every step without assistance
  • Remote control: allows you to change the speed and direction in which the trolley travels
  • Anti-tip wheel: prevents the trolley from falling over on hills 

Not all golf trolleys were made equal, and the best possible example is the Stewart Golf Q Follow Carbon. 

The Q Follow Carbon, or QFC, as we will now refer to it, is the Rolls Royce of electric trolleys. 

Featuring a carbon fibre body, four wheels, an innovative follow function and a handy remote, this trolley is capable of revolutionising how you play golf. 

Built and designed in England, Stewart Golf trolleys are made from premium materials and engineered to deliver dependable and innovative transportation for your clubs. 

We tested out the QFC at Minchinhampton Golf Club to see how it performed. 

Let's get into it. 

Stewart Golf Q Follow Carbon
Stewart Golf Q Follow Carbon

When we first laid eyes on the QFC, it was folded up neatly, and we have to say, we were amazed at just how compact it is when folded down. 

For one of the bigger trolleys on the market, the QFC takes up a fairly limited amount of boot space, which is quite remarkable. Measuring only 21 inches in height and 23 inches in width, the QFC is very portable, and thanks to an inbuilt handle, it's also very easy to transport or take in and out of your car. 

Stewart Golf Q Follow Carbon
Stewart Golf Q Follow Carbon

Once you're ready to play, assembling the trolley is very simple. Three hinges allow the entire trolley to fold out with ease, taking only seconds. Thanks to the thick rubber straps, positioning and securing your bag takes mere moments. 

Once our trolley and bag were set up, we headed out onto the course. The first feature we were keen to test was the remote control. 

The remote is quite chunky but also deceptively light. It features a hook on the back, which is ideal for attaching to either the trolley handle or the back of your belt once in follow mode. 

The remote has ten buttons, allowing you to control direction, speed, cruise control and the follow function. 

Stewart Golf Q Follow Carbon handset
Stewart Golf Q Follow Carbon handset

While a remote may seem alien to some, rest assured, the buttons are very intuitive, and it took us only the best part of one hole to fully get to grips with how each function works. 

In its simplest remote setting, you can easily guide the trolley with the four arrows on the remote, while starting and stopping the trolley is as easy as pressing the forward arrow or the stop button. 

Changing direction only requires a simple tap of the left or right arrow, and the forward and back arrow buttons are equally easy to use if you want to increase or decrease speed. 

Thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity of the remote, you can control the trolley from quite some distance; there were times when we must have been at least 20 metres away from ours, and it had no issue at all responding to our every command. 

The remote is precise and fast, which means any commands are actioned within milliseconds of you pressing a button. 

The remote's functionality is superb, allowing us to walk at leisure up the fairway, deviating from our trolley without a care in the world. 

We've tested a few remote-controlled trolleys in our time, but the QFC is undoubtedly one of the best. 

Its small turning circle and smooth changes of direction make it easy to manoeuvre, and once you've fully mastered it, you will forget what it was like to carry or push a trolley. 

Stewart Golf Q Follow Carbon
Stewart Golf Q Follow Carbon

Thanks to the addition of an anti-tip wheel at the back of the trolley, you also don't have to worry about rough terrain or sharp hills, as the trolley will self-right itself, preventing the contents of your bag from spilling all over the fairway. 

While the remote function was incredibly impressive, what really blew us away was the follow function. 

To activate the follow function you simply need to stand behind the trolley, click the follow button and begin to walk away. 

Once you've taken a few steps, the trolley will leap into life and follow behind you by about two metres.

If you slow down or speed up, the trolley will instantly react and maintain a constant distance behind you. 

We honestly can't speak highly enough of this function. It takes all of the stress out of golf, allowing you to walk and talk with your playing partners without any distractions. 

Even when walking in rough, or through tight gaps, the trolley had no problem at all keeping up.

The best compliment we can really pay the QFC is that it's probably the closest thing you can purchase to a real-life caddie. 

The follow function only adds to your round, and despite the complex engineering that has clearly gone into the trolley, the user experience is remarkably easy to use and understand. 

In terms of aesthetics, the trolley itself looks as premium as it performs. The carbon body is sleek and sophisticated, and the compact battery is neatly tucked away. 

Stewart Golf Q Follow Carbon
Stewart Golf Q Follow Carbon

The trolley also comes in blue and a raw (grey) for those who may prefer a more muted appearance. 

The standard battery also lasts 36 holes, which is ideal for those days when you fancy a morning and afternoon round. 

Stewart Golf Q Follow Carbon
Stewart Golf Q Follow Carbon

Should you buy a Stewart Golf Q Follow Carbon electric trolley?

Yes, yes, a million times yes. 

The QFC is an amazing piece of equipment that changed how we look at golf trolleys. 

The remote function is great, but what really makes this trolley special is the follow function. 

With the QFC you have your very own personal caddie, and it takes a serious amount of stress and fatigue out of playing golf. 

While we are huge fans of this trolley, we do have to admit that the price is a hard pill to swallow. 

Coming in at £2,249, this trolley is very expensive, and unfortunately for the vast majority of golfers, that will be too big of a price to pay. 

That said, if you have the cash to burn and you love golf, this trolley could transform the way you play.

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