AcuStrike Review

GolfMagic tests and reviews the AcuStrike training aid.

AcuStrike review
AcuStrike review
Affordable, instant feedback, versatile, simple

The AcuStrike golf training aid gives golfers instant feedback on ball strike and swing path allowing them to immediately make the changes they need to improve strike, increase distance and understand their swing.  

AcuStrike is a felt mat that changes shade when a golf shot is played on it.  The dark mark left behind shows where the golf club head strikes the mat in relation to the ball placement. This gives instant feedback on the desired ‘ball then ground’ impact and also shows the path of the clubhead through the ball.
Once a shot has been hit from the AcuStrike, the mat is simply wiped clear with the head of the club and it’s ready to go again, with the feedback from the last shot clear in the golfers’ mind.

Feedback on the strike and club direction of travel takes the guess work out of golf practice and helps to determine why a certain shot occurred.  This instant feedback allows golfers to adjust and correct their swing and see – immediately – increments of improvement. Once the golfer has hit a shot, they can wipe the matt clear and hit another shot, continuing to gain instant feedback. 

Available as outdoor and indoor options, the AcuStrike can be fixed to a grass range using four tee pegs or alternatively the indoor version can be used alongside a traditional driving range mat. 


The AcuStrike mat is a fantastic training aid that's not going to break the bank. A lot of golfers may struggle to understand why they hit certain types of shots and the AcuStrike can give golfers instant feedback so they know more about their mistakes.

Once you are aware of the mistakes you're making at contact, we found that the AcuStrike mat also helps you to work on your errors due to the visible markings. If you're someone who is striking the ground before the ball, the AcuStrike will show you that immediately and from there you can work on improving your strike.

Having both an indoor and outdoor option available is brilliant, making this one of the most versatile training aids around. Not only is it useful for the average golfer, but it's a great way for coaches to learn more about their students without the use of a launch monitor.

Of course a launch monitor is going to provide you with much more useful information than the AcuStrike can, but for such an affordable price, the AcuStrike mat is a brilliant training aid and tool for improvement.

SRP: £44.99 outdoor, £64.99 indoor

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