AfterShockz Trekz Air headphone review

AfterShockz Trekz Air headphones review: bone conducting headphones hitting the right levels.

Allows you to hear as normal while using, comfortable, lightweight.
Sound could be better.

AfterShockz Trekz Air headphone review

It’s kind of important you can hear things on the golf course. Muted cries can lead to golf ball-related injuries.

Herein lies a problem. Headphones - an increasingly common sight on the practice facility - block out cries of “fore”.

That’s where AfterShockz come in. They make bone conducting headphones that do not go in your ear, allowing you to hear as normal while listening to music.


Sleek and minimalist.

AfterShockz Trekz Air headphone review


These are a lightweight pair of headphones, that sit comfortably over the ear. They are sturdy, and seem to have decent durability - they come with a carry bag to make transportation easier.

Clearly, being able to hear normally while wearing them is a big plus, making them excellent for golfers and many other athletes.

When it comes to sound, they do not offer the same level as an over-ear or in-ear product of the same price. However, by no means is the sound quality “bad” and you get a decent level of noise coming out of them.

You do get some vibrations when volume is cranked, which can tickle a bit. 


Comfortable and portable, these allow you to hear clearly while also listening to music which makes them excellent for golf.

The sound quality is not as good as a headphone of the same price, though.

Head to the AfterShockz website for more information.

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