Can This $3.33 Golf Ball BEAT The Titleist Pro V1?

GolfMagic Equipment Editor Alex Lodge assessed the performance of the OnCore VERO X1 golf balls and compared them with one of the best golf balls in the game.

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Matt Chivers
Thu, 17 Nov 2022
Can This $3.33 Golf Ball BEAT The Titleist Pro V1?

Need To Know

- The OnCore VERO X1 golf balls can increase distance and your general performance for a reasonable price.
- The OnCore VERO X1 golf balls don't match the spin rate of other golf balls such as the Titleist Pro V1.
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PRICE: £40.00 YEAR: from 2022

The OnCore VERO X1 golf ball will not be one that springs straight to mind when thinking of the best that are used on the PGA Tour and the DP World Tour.

Having tested this golf ball at Gatwick Golf Studio, we were impressed by its performance when pitted against the might of the Titleist Pro V1.

The Titleist Pro V1 is regarded as the best ball on Tour and this is largely because of the spin rate that it produces. We wanted to discover how the OnCore VERO X1 golf ball faired when statistically compared to the most popular golf ball in the game.

The feel was impressive and we were pleasantly surprised at the distance numbers that we saw in the studio, but should you buy these golf balls instead of the reliable Pro V1s?

GolfMagic Equipment Editor Alex Lodge tested both golf balls over a number of different shots from short range, medium range and long range.




What is the OnCore VERO X1 golf ball?

The OnCore VERO X1 golf ball is the brand's Tour ball. It has a four-piece construction and they cost $40 per dozen. This amounts to $3.33 per golf ball, which is cheaper than the price of the Titleist Pro V1.

Which type of golfer suits the OnCore VERO X1 golf ball?

With 85 compression and a four-piece construction, this golf ball suits players with faster swing speeds. However, it is also made to be the Tour's most forgiving golf ball.

Low-handicapped golfers would prefer the Titleist Pro V1 because of the amount of spin you get with this golf ball. More spin can offer more control around the greens and from the fairways.

Performance and feel

When we tested both the OnCore balls and the Titleist balls, we found that the Pro V1s achieved more backspin by approximately 200 rpm.

The statistical data between both golf balls were fairly similar with short chip shots. The launch angle was slightly higher with the OnCore golf balls, while they also produced marginally faster ball speeds.

In terms of feel with short-range shots, the OnCore golf ball doesn't feel as satisfying off the club face as the Pro V1. We would describe the strike as clicky, whereas the classic Titleist golf ball provides a smooth connection.

With 7-iron shots, we found similar results in terms of spin. The Pro V1 golf ball averaged 4882 rpm while the OnCore golf ball averaged 4303 rpm. The Pro V1 also achieved higher ball speeds with these shots of longer range.


With the driver, we found the Titleist Pro V1 produced even more spin yet again with 2954 rpm to OnCore's mark of 2366 rpm. However, the average distance of the OnCore golf ball was 317 yards to Titleist's 295 yards.


We would've been shocked if the OnCore golf ball topped the Pro V1 for spin and this wasn't proven to be the case. Nonetheless, we wouldn't put anyone off the former for distance and overall performance.

Although the ball had a clicky feel off the club face, we averaged over 310 yards off the tee. A golf ball that delivers consistent distance should be considered by any golfer.

The OnCore VERO X1 golf ball is used on Tour which means it is respected and is preferred by some of the best in the game, even the legendary Gary Player.

At $40 per dozen, the OnCore golf balls certainly offer more value than the Titleist golf balls which are $50 on the US website.