How GOOD is the Costco Golf Ball? | Kirkland Signature Review

The Kirkland Signature golf ball by Costco are extremely popular amongst amateur golfers and come at an extremely affordable price, but how well do they perform?

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Thu, 7 Jan 2021
How GOOD is the Costco Golf Ball? | Kirkland Signature Review

Need To Know

Extremely good value for money, solid performance data
Lack that premium feel you associate with top brands in the golf ball market
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PRICE: £29.99 YEAR: from 2021

The Kirkland Signature golf ball by Costco have continued to rise in popularity, with golfers not only buying them for their extremely low price point, but also their surprising performance.

In order to shop at Costco you have to be a member, so it's not as simple as picking up a dozen TP5's from your local pro shop, but at a cost of £29.99 for two dozen golf balls, the Kirkland Signature's are one of the cheapest golf balls around.

Then again, cheap doesn't always mean good, as a lot of  balls from the value-for-money category don't have the performance benefits youo see from a TP5 or Pro V1.

We've never tested the popular golf ball from Costco before, so GolfMagic's equipment guru Alex decided to put them through their paces at Gray's Golf in Lewes.



Introducing​ ​the​ ​Kirkland​ ​Signature​ ​Performance Plus​ three-piece​ ​urethane​ ​cover​ ​golf​ ​ball, ​​a​ ​high performance​ ​ball​ ​suitable​ ​for​ ​recreational​ ​and​ ​competitive​ ​play.

The Kirkland Signature Performance Plus is encased in a soft urethane cover that provides a responsive putting feel, excellent greenside control and longer-lasting durability. 

The low compression highly elastic rubber core provides a soft feel with high speed, while the 338-dimple pattern provides a penetrating ball trajectory. 

The speed boosting mantle is optimised with three-piece construction to control spin with long irons while generating high spin on short irons for control around the green.


In terms of looks, there's never really too much to say about a golf ball, especially a standard white ball without multiple alignment visuals.

The ball looks basic and being honest it does look fairly cheap, but then again what does an expensive golf ball look like?

With brands such as TaylorMade and Titleist, the premium quality of their golf balls has been known for years, so when you see their logo on a ball you automatically assume it's going to cost you quite a lot of money for a box.

With Kirkland being more of an unknown name, especially on tour, your first thought when picking up the ball is that it's not too expensive.

One of the reasons this golf ball is so popular is not simply its cheap price, but its performance too.

Compared to a Titleist Pro V1, the numbers the pretty similar, with spin rates being the same but a little more distance and speed coming from the Pro V1.

The real difference was feel. For a cheap golf ball, the Kirkland Signature feel absolutely fine and better than other balls in that value-for-money category. But compared to premium golf balls, like the ones we've mentioned, it's miles off.

That's not to say it's not an impressive golf ball for its price because it certainly is. What we think is that if you're thinking of buying Kirkland Signature golf balls as a cheap alternative to the premium golf balls that you love, think again.

But if you're simply looking for a cheap golf ball that performs to a decent standard then you will definitely save yourself a lot of money by buying these.