Best Golf Ball Deals doing the rounds on Amazon this week

Need new golf balls? Look no further than these bargain deals on popular TaylorMade, Callaway, Srixon and Wilson balls...

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Tue, 15 Feb 2022
Best Golf Ball Deals on Amazon this week

If you're anything like me, then you will be in urgent need of golf balls right now. Thankfully, there are some fantastic golf ball deals doing the rounds on Amazon this week - and we have selected our favourites for you. 

From TaylorMade and Callaway to Srixon and Wilson, there is something for all levels of ablity in here. If you like what you see, simply click on the links to purchase... 

Srixon Q-Star Tour Divide

  • Features all the same spin and distance performance of a classic Q-STAR TOUR, but its unique cover makes spin visible and putting alignment easier than ever.
  • The new FastLayer Core offers distance and soft feel without compromise due to a gradual transition from soft inner core to firm outer edge.
  • Each DIVIDE cover is yellow on one half and red, blue, or orange on the other. This high contrast matte cover makes spin visible and putting alignment easy. Plus, it’s cast from soft urethane for tour-level spin and stopping power.
  • Providing a penetrating ball flight in any conditions, the optimal dimple design increases lift and reduces drag to maximize distance.
  • Available in BRITE Yellow-Orange, BRITE Yellow-Red, and BRITE Yellow-Blue

£37.95 per dozen

TaylorMade TP5

  • More speed in the most complete tour ball
  • XL low compression core increases launch angle and reduces drag
  • 4 Increasingly stiff layers for higher ball speed through greater rebound
  • Softer cast urethane cover increases groove interaction for more greenside spin
  • New Soft-tough Cover - Improved Urethane compound and paint formulation for added cover durability

£38.95 per dozen

Callaway ERC Soft Triple Track

  • ERC Soft is Callaway's longest golf ball with soft feel, and it’s built for increased control around the green
  • The High Energy Core is engineered to increase ball speed and distance through the bag. The core also works with the High Speed Mantle to boost resilience and speed
  • This multi-material construction allows for an incredible combination of fast ball speeds from high launch and low spin, soft feel, durability, and excellent greenside control
  • The High Speed Mantle works with the core and cover. It creates more efficient energy transfer from the core to the ball, and the stiff mantle allows for outstanding spin on wedge shots
  • Callaway haas prominently featured its popular Triple Track lines on ERC Soft to help you focus and find the right alignment for every putt

£36.13 per dozen

Wilson Staff Duo Optix

  • Easy-to-find Wilson Staff Duo Optix golf balls in a 12-pack
  • Bold, brighter matte colours you can’t miss.
  • Matte finish paint to reduce sun glare off the ball
  • Soft, high resilience polybutadiene core for Exceptional feel and straighter flight off the tee

£20.51 per dozen

TaylorMade Soft Response

  • Extended flight dimple pattern creates added lift for easier launch and flight
  • 35 compression ZnO flex core
  • Soft tough ionomer cover
  • Shallower U-Shaped dimples increases volume ratio
  • seamless 322 dimple pattern

£18.95 per dozen