Cobra launches NEW generation of popular T-RAIL irons

The latest range of Cobra T-RAIL irons was created using advanced Baffler Rail technologies to create a blend of distance and extreme forgiveness.

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Fri, 23 Apr 2021
Cobra launches NEW generation of popular T-RAIL irons

Cobra Golf have launched the new version of the popular T-RAIL irons that take the familiar shape of a hybrid to maximise forgiveness.

The new model has a hybrid-iron shape and uses advanced Baffler Rail technologies to create an iron with the perfect mix of distance and forgiveness to instantly improve your game.

The Cobra T-RAIL was first launched in 2019, and this new range combines the qualities of a Cobra Baffler hybrid with the precision of an iron in a unique set that is designed for anyone looking to play better golf.

This new version of the popular iron set debuts all-new Baffler Hollow Split Rails. Hollow rails in the front of the clubface create up to 70% more flex on the sole, in order to enhance launch and ball speed while maintaining excellent turf interaction.

The new irons have high-strength, forged steel faces designed with variable thickness E9 Technology, which increases ball speed and distance on off-centre hits.

Cobra's new, unique range transitions from a 5 hybrid-iron to a classic 4-hybrid, which replaces a 4 hybrid-iron. 

The classic hybrid shape has a lower and deeper centre of gravity that provides higher launch and increased spin, making it fly higher and land softer than the hybrid-iron version.

The news men's T-RAIL set is currently £849 and offers the 4-hybrid and a 5 to PW hybrid-iron graphite set in both left-handed and right-handed options. 

The 5-hybrid, 6-hybrid, gap wedge and sand wedge are all available through custom for players looking for their desired gapping and level of forgiveness.

The women's T-RAIL graphite set is also £849 and comes in a black and pink colourway, which includes a 5-hybrid and a 6 to PW set in both left-hand and right-hand options as well. 

The 4-hybrid, 6-hybrid and gap wedge are all available through custom for the players to perfect their new set of clubs.

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