Leading brand Honma launch new luxury BERES wedge line for 2021

The new BERES wedge has been designed for golfers who are seeking the gold standard in high performance and quality golf equipment.

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Mon, 19 Apr 2021
Leading brand Honma launch new luxury BERES wedge line for 2021

Leading Japanese golf brand Honma have launched their new BERES wedge line for 2021, combining unrivalled craftsmanship and premium materials.

Honma's new range of wedge was created in Sakata, Japan by more than 100 craftsmen using expert club-building techniques and incredible attention to detail.

This is the first range of wedge released by the Japanese company since they rebranded the BERES series in December 2019.

This new design has used ultra-premium mild soft steel and features patented Dual-Plating to maximise spin control through "Slide" and "Spin" Zones.

Forming the "Slide Zone", the sole incorporates Nickel-Chrome plating to ensure the clubhead seamlessly slides through the turf and sand for optimal speed at impact.

In the "Spin Zone", Proprietary Black Nickel plating on a CNC Milled clubface produces maximum surface roughness for incredible spin control.

The combination of these zones ensures the ball stays in contact with the clubface for longer to deliver maximum spin and optimal distance across all lofts.

The new BERES range will have two grinds to deliver versatility for golfers seeking a wedge that performs at the highest level in varying turf conditions and angles of attack into the ball.

The I-Sole in the 50° and 52° lofts features a thin trailing edge that slides under the ball on full shots to deliver consistent distance.

The C-Sole shape in the 56°, 58° and 60° lofts delivers aggressive heel and toe trailing edge relief with a flat bounce surface for shot-making versatility.

The lightweight True Temper Dynamic Gold 95 VSS PRO steel shaft comes as standard and delivers exceptional control and critical shot feedback.

The ARMRQ shafts come in 2 to 5-star ratings. They are made with Metal Hybrid Armour Technology and Twist Fleuret Technology, which provides higher compression strength and an efficient energy transfer from the player to the club.

The new BERES wedge is available across Europe and is available from £249. More details can be found at https://honmagolf.com/int/product-details/8398#overview-section.