Mizuno ST-G Driver Review: A shot shapers dream

Aimed at the better player, Mizuno's new ST-G driver features a compact head and adjustable weights to provide outstanding workability and control for elite ball strikers.

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Wed, 22 Nov 2023
Mizuno ST-G Driver

Need To Know

Stunning looks, excellent levels of adjustability, produces a strong neutral ball flight
Spins quite a lot for a driver designed to appeal to players wanting to reduce spin
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PRICE: £499.00 YEAR: from 2023

Mizuno ST-G Driver: Key Features

  • Compact 440cc head: appealing teardrop shape offering a refined Tour aesthetic
  • Quick Switch hosel: Four degrees of adjustability to fine-tune address and trajectory
  • Max Convergent Fast Track: Dual weight that can be altered to optimise spin and launch 
  • Cortech Chamber: Takes stress away from the clubface, creating an additional energy source. Additional weight closer to the face also reduces spin rates.
Player Level
The ST-G is best suited to better players who want to be able to be able to shape the ball both ways and maintain as much control as possible over the golf ball.
Due to the more compact head and low spinning characteristics of the driver, golfers who are able to regularly find the middle of the club face with a medium to high swing speed will be able to get the most out of this driver. 

Mizuno ST-G Driver: Looks and Feel

This driver looks stunning from every angle, and it's undoubtedly one of the sleekest and most refined designs of 2023. Now, typically, we're not fans of gloss finishes on drivers, but this one looks really lovely. Starting from the face, the black finish seems to melt into a carbon fibre underlay, which exudes class and quality. 

While the overall finish of the head is very appealing, the shape also really suited our eye due to its depth. While the head is only 440cc, which is relatively small by today's modern standards, it still manages to maintain a really powerful-looking profile. 

We typically prefer a driver that looks narrower and deeper, and this head certainly fits that description. This particular shape allowed us to position the ball really well at the centre of the clubface, but it also gave us the feeling that if middled, the ball would stay hit

Flip the head over, and the sole of the clubs is equally as appealing; the primarily black design features flashes of blue and white, and the dark finish looks very stealthy, which we loved. 

The two weight tracks add rather than take away to the look, which is tricky to do, but Mizuno found a way by keeping them relatively close to the perimeter of the head, while keeping the centre simple with a silver Mizuno logo.

With regards to feel, this club left us slightly stumped after we hit it for the first time. It honestly doesn't feel like any other driver on the market right now. Hitting drivers like the PING G430 Max or the Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond, you feel a crunch at impact partnered by quite a loud crack.

With the Mizuno ST-G, though, the sensation at contact is very subdued, almost soft, and likewise, the sound is noticeably muted when compared to some of the other models from 2023. 

While we neither liked nor disliked this unique sensation, we think it's one that will undoubtedly divide opinions among consumers. 

The best comparison we could make is that hitting the ST-G is like accelerating in an electric car, whereas other models are like putting your foot down in a Mustang. The Tesla goes about its business quietly but confidently and, in many cases, produces outstanding speed, but it does so under the radar compared to its more red-blooded relatives. 

Having hit the ST-G for a few days, we did end up really coming around to the feel and sound of this driver, and despite perhaps not being quite as satisfying as hitting a slightly louder, harder model, it did provide a level of understated power that felt great.

Mizuno ST-G Driver: Performance and Forgiveness

Aimed at low-handicap players, this driver doesn't quite offer the same level of forgiveness as some other drivers on the market, like the PING G430 MAX or the Cobra Aerojet, but what it does come up trumps in is workability.

Thanks to the two adjustable weights, we were able to calibrate our ball flight and shot shape with ease.

Altering the two moveable weights to favour a draw or fade had an instant impact on our ball flight, and that level of customisation will really benefit more experienced players who want to really fine-tune their driver setup. 

One level of customisation that sadly did disappoint slightly was the difference when moving both the weights forward or back. 

As this is one of Mizuno's lowest spinning drivers, we were expecting to be able to really drop the spin rate by moving the weights all the way to the front. However, even when we did, we noticed our drives were still spinning at more than optimal levels. 

With the weights at the front, there was also a noticeable drop-off in forgiveness, especially when struck from the heel or toe.

In order to find a happy medium of spin and forgiveness, we found that having both weights positioned in the centre allowed us to produce a neutral ball flight that managed to maintain distance despite the added spin, while also offering that extra level of forgiveness we would desire in order to put this driver in the bag long term. 

All in all, the performance of this driver was solid but not spectacular. However, thanks to the adjustability on offer, with a full custom fitting this driver could be a deadly weapon in the hands of an elite ball striker.

Should you buy the Mizuno ST-G Driver

If you are an accomplished ball golfer who desires workability and versatility from their driver, then the Mizuno ST-G is well worth your consideration. 

The compact head shape and subtle yet striking looks also add enormous shelf appeal, and as far as we're concerned, it's one of the best-looking drivers of 2023.

While a custom fitting is always advised when purchasing a new club, we strongly encourage you to get one if you consider purchasing this driver.

By seeking out the help of a fitter, you will be able to fully optimise the weight position, which will, in turn, improve the results you receive. 

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