TaylorMade Qi10 Driver Review

GolfMagic tests out TaylorMade's new Qi10 Driver. 

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Tue, 9 Jan 2024
TaylorMade Qi10 Driver

Need To Know

The most forgiving flagship driver of 2024, vastly improved feel, outstanding stability at impact
White line on the top of the face looks a bit odd at address, longer drivers on the market
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PRICE: £499.00 YEAR: from 2024

TaylorMade Qi10 Driver: Key Features

  • Carbon infinity crown: the new crown covers 97% of the top surface, creating a clean and elegant look
  • Carbon face technology: third generation of 60X Carbon Twist Face, delivering a fast face on centre strikes, while also preserving ball speed on mis-hits.
  • Optimised head shape: contributes significantly to the clubhead’s inertia by allowing mass to be placed further from the centre of the clubhead
  • Advanced construction: strategic mass redistribution, enabling a deep and low Centre of Gravity (CG) for optimal launch and spin control while maintaining high MOI

One of the worst-kept secrets in golf, the new Qi10 range of drivers from TaylorMade has already been seen in use on the PGA Tour in the hands of Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy and many others. The range features three models: the Qi10 Max, Qi10 LS and Qi10. 

In this review, we are going to be focusing on the flagship model, the Qi10 which we are pleased to say has gone straight into the number one spot on our best golf drivers of 2024 list. Before we get into the full review, it's worth first picking apart the name, as it gives us a big clue as to what TaylorMade has tried to achieve with its new line of drivers. 

Qi10 stands for quest inertia 10, which, broken down, is the quest to make a driver with 10,000 MOI. What does MOI mean? MOI stands for moment of inertia, which is a measurement of an object's resistance to twisting. In relation to drivers; the higher the MOI, the less the clubface twists at impact. The benefits of higher MOI are a reduction in ball speed losses, consistent spin and more accurate start-line direction.

In short, the higher the MOI, the greater the forgiveness. In previous years, TaylorMade has been able to achieve roughly 8.5k MOI in its most forgiving drivers, but in 2024, that number has increased to 10k for the Qi10 Max. While the Qi10 is still hovering around the 8.5k mark, it utilises much of the same technology as the Max to improve forgiveness dramatically. 

To see how this new forgiving design performed, we took the Qi10 driver out on the course at the stunning La Hacienda in Spain before putting it through its paces on a QC Quad at Custom Golf Works in Woking. 

Let's get into it.

Player Level

Due to the incredible level of forgiveness on offer from the Qi10, it would be ideally suited to a very broad range of golfers. Those who struggle to find the fairway consistently could really benefit from the performance benefits it offers. 

TaylorMade Qi10 Driver: Looks and Feel

The Stealth era is over, and the new Qi10 range has gone for a completely fresh look for 2024. Red is out, and it's been replaced with a new black and silver colour scheme that we think is a noticeable upgrade. 

Looking down at the address, the carbon infinity crown covers the entirety of the head, and the designers have opted for a high gloss finish in black, which looks very premium. 

Typically, we prefer a matte finish crown, but the simplicity of this design works really well. Sometimes, less is more, and that's certainly the case with this design. 

In terms of shape, the head has a very classic profile. The head has been slightly refined, but to the naked eye, it's not hugely noticeable. 

Flip the club over, and the sole also has also received a slick new facelift. Black is once again the dominant colour, but it's broken up by silver detailing that compliments the overall finish really nicely. 

A large 30-gram rear weight brings the head to a point which isn't visible from above but gives the overall design a very dynamic shape. 

Another notable change from Stealth 2 is the carbon face. The red face on the Stealth range split opinion, and we have to say we weren't huge fans of it, but this year, TaylorMade has gone for a more subdued blue colourway that we think looks much better. 

One thing we are still undecided about, however, is the yellow line that runs across the top of the face. Visible at the address, the yellow line is said to help frame the ball. However, we think the overall look would have been much cleaner if the crown blended into the face more seamlessly. 

While the overall look of the Qi10 is a big improvement on previous models, one of the most noticeable upgrades is definitely in the feel department. 

The Stealth 2, in particular, had quite a strange feel at impact, and it was sometimes hard to tell exactly where you had struck the ball on the face. 

With the third iteration of the carbon face, though, we found it to be much more receptive while also producing a more satisfying feel and sound through the strike. 

While we will get on to performance shortly, this upgrade in the Qi10 was potentially the most impressive improvement we noticed in the Qi10. 

TaylorMade Qi10 Driver: Performance and Forgiveness

TaylorMade's main mission for Qi10 was to dramatically improve the level of forgiveness on offer. Did the brand achieve its aim? In short, absolutely.

Before digging down into the data, let's just get one thing straight: the Qi10 is the most forgiving flagship model on the market in 2024. Is it the most forgiving model of all? Not quite, but we can confirm that the award goes to the Qi10 Max, which has entered a whole new realm.

Where the Qi10 has the Max trumped, however, is speed and distance. This driver is very well calibrated in all three dimensions of performance, with a slight lean towards forgiveness. 

There are certainly longer drivers out there, including the Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke and Cobra Darkspeed. Where the Qi10 really flourished, though, was in its ability to keep the golf ball straight. 

During testing, we really wanted to push the limit of the driver's forgiveness, and in order to do so, we attempted to hit some truly god-awful strikes to see how it would react. 

We are telling no word of a lie, when we say we nearly missed the ball with one of our drives, with only a small portion of the toe managing to cling on to the ball, and yet we still saw it career through the air, while still managing to maintain a respectable line and length. 

Now, that's not to say if you put this driver in play, you're never going to miss a fairway. You will,  we will, and so will Rory McIlroy. However, if you do struggle with inaccuracy off the tee and struggle to retain ball speeds from off-centre strikes, this driver will certainly help you. 

All in all, we are very impressed by the Qi10. It's very forgiving, provides ample distance and also provides a very satisfying and stable sensation at impact. It almost seems cliche to say that the newest drivers get better every year, but we honestly believe this model is a significant upgrade on the Stealth 2. Bravo TaylorMade.

Should you buy the TaylorMade Qi10 Driver?

If you're looking for an ideal combination of speed and forgiveness, then there is no better option in 2024 than the Qi10. It provides outstanding performance, much-improved feel and a fresh design update, which we believe is much more visually appealing than the Stealth 2.

Are there longer drivers out there this year, yes. But if you want a fantastic all-around performer that will help you hit more fairways, then the Qi10 is certainly worth getting fit for. 

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