Blue Tees Player+ GPS Speaker Review

GolfMagic tests out the Blue Tees Player+ GPS speaker.

Blue Tees
Blue Tees
Excellent sound quality, bright and clear touchscreen, strong magnet to attach to trolley or cart
Potentially too bulky and heavy for carrying in your bag if walking the course.

Blue Tees Player+ GPS speaker Key Features:

  • Touch screen display: allows you to navigate the variety of functions with the touch of a finger
  • Visual and audible distances: provides front, middle and centre yardages through the speaker as well as on-screen
  • Magnetic strip: allows the speaker to be securely attached to a cart or trolley
  • 360 audio experience: delivers crisp and clear sound out on the course

Whether you love it or hate it, music on the golf course is becoming a big part of the game. 

Embracing the trend, Blue Tees has designed a speaker that delivers so much more than just banging tunes. 

The Blue Tees Player+ GPS speaker offers a wide array of functions, including GPS distances, driving distance, and hazard distances, all easily accessible through a bright and clear touch screen that works in tandem with the Blue Tees app.

To test out how this speaker could benefit our game, we took it out on the course to get the party started.

Let's get into it.

Blue tees
Blue tees

Once you've set up your Blue Tees account on the app and connected the speaker through Bluetooth, you are good to go; it's really as simple as that. 

The app is very easy to navigate, and it offers you the chance to record all of your scores and data like greens hit and fairways missed. 

In all honesty, we didn't utilise this particular tool as much as we potentially could have due to the fact we liked keeping our phone in the buggy instead of our pocket; however, for those who like to track stats, the app is ideal for doing just that. 

The area of this speaker which really stood out to us was the GPS yardages. 

We clicked the speaker onto the side of our buggy using the super strong magnetic strip, and thanks to the crips and clean screen, we had front, middle and back yardages to the green as well as hazards, only a glance away.

Using the app, you can also get the speaker to call out the yardages to you, which is handy if you are standing a few yards away.

In terms of accuracy, the distances were pretty spot on. We measured them against a laser range finder, and we only noticed a discrepancy of about a yard or two on a couple of occasions. 

Blue tees
Blue tees

If the yardages on the speaker's screen don't give you a full enough picture, you can also tap into the app to see a full view of the hole as well as a detailed green view and hole flyover. 

Another handy feature built into the touchscreen is the ability to swipe through the functions.

Be it the volume of your music, the distance of your drive, yardages to hazards or just the time, this speaker can show you everything you need at the swipe of a finger. 

Blue Tees
Blue Tees

The speaker itself provided a very high quality of sound, which can reach excellent volume levels. 

While we don't claim to be experts in sound quality, we noticed no notable difference when compared to the speakers we have in our living room at home. 

Packed with two subwoofers, there have certainly been no corners cut regarding audio quality. 

Additional features that the speaker can offer, which make it really stand out as one of the best speakers on the market, are the fact that it's waterproof and it can also double up as a power bank.

If I had a pound for every time my phone has run out of battery on the course, I would be a rich man, but thankfully, if you have the Blue Tees Speaker to hand, that's an issue you won't ever have to worry about again.

The only real negative we could find with this speaker was its size and weight. While not an issue if you have a buggy or trolley, this speaker wouldn't be ideal for walking golf as it would add quite a bit of ballast to your golf bag and take up quite a bit of space, too. 

Blue Tees
Blue Tees

Should you buy the Blue Tees Player + GPS Speaker?

All in all, this speaker is a fantastic on-course companion that can not only provide entertainment but also help you play better golf. 

The functionality, design and quality are all top-notch, and thanks to the easy-to-use app, it can also be a fantastic tool for tracking performance and scoring. 

Coming in at £219.99, it also offers exceptional value, as that's what you could easily end up paying for a speaker that only plays music. 

So, if you like to be the resident on-course DJ in your group, the Blue Tees Speaker+ is certainly worth considering for your next purchase. 

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