ZOOM Focus X golf laser rangefinder review

Set your sights on lower golf scores this season with the brand new ZOOM Focus X rangefinder...

ZOOM Focus X golf laser rangefinder review
ZOOM Focus X golf laser rangefinder review
Light, accurate, easy to use, sturdy case

If you are ready to set your sights on lower scores following golf's return during the coronavirus lockdown, and you are a fan of using laser rangefinders, then we highly recommend you check out ZOOM's debut entry in the distance-measuring-device (DMD) market. 

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The new ZOOM Focus X represents one of the best-value-for-money lasers on the market right now at £220, simply for the fact it is reliable, accurate, light and very easy to operate. 

ZOOM Focus X golf laser rangefinder review
Photo credit: Kelvin Sumner

Typically with debut entries in the DMD market, there are little tweaks required to improve things with the latest addition. In our eyes, the Focus X makes it look as though ZOOM has been established for years. 

Out the box, the product is presented beautifully in its sturdy case to ensure it does not get damaged in your bag. Onto the course, and you will be greeted with a number of impressive features at the touch of a button. 

Using premium optics, the Focus X has six times magnification, 600m range and continuous flagpole scanning mode to make picking up a target quick and simple.

When the target is found the flagpole lock icon appears and the unit’s vibration mode kicks in to confirm that the target is found.



Distances, that can be displayed in metres or yards, are accurate to +/- 0.5m and are shown in a clear, easy to read format making the Focus X incredibly easy to use.

In addition. the eyepiece of the unit is adjustable, bringing the view into focus for a wide variance of eyesight making it perfect for people wearing glasses.

ZOOM Focus X golf laser rangefinder review

The Focus X further adds to its list of premium features with a Slope adjusted distance option that measures distances adjusted to compensate for the elevation of the target. This for us is one of the best features of the device. 

So whether aiming for a flag 20 ft downhill or at the top of a 15 degree slope, the Focus X will deliver the actual distance to the target as well as the distance golfers should be hitting for accurate shots.

The Slope feature is simply turned on or off with a button on top of the unit to make it eligible for tournament play. 

ZOOM Focus X golf laser rangefinder review
Photo credit: Kelvin Sumner

To keep the Focus X working when you need it, the product features a rechargeable lithium battery with an automatic cut off after eight seconds of non-use.

To be certain not to get caught out, the view finder includes a low battery indicator to keep the need for a re-charge in sight.  

In addition to the long list of premium features, the pocket size Focus X is a stylish, lightweight design that looks fantastic in either white or charcoal and comes with a robust carry case to keep the unit safe and accessible when not in use. 

ZOOM Focus X golf laser rangefinder review


Designed for the best premium experience at an affordable price, the Focus X from ZOOM delivers everything a golfer could need from a rangefinder.

A superb debut entry from the brand, and one we recommend you take a closer look at this season. 

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