DEBATE: 3-Iron or 3 Hybrid - What is the best option for your golf bag?

If you need an option in your golf bag that can hit the ball a long way and is also reliable, do you look to a 3-iron or a 3 hybrid?

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Tue, 15 Jun 2021
DEBATE: 3-Iron or 3 Hybrid - What is the best option for your golf bag?

The vast majority of golf clubs are sold in sets that go up to a 5-iron or a 4-iron, so the presence of a 3-iron or a 3 hybrid is usually down to personal preference. 

A 3-iron can be incredibly useful if you would like to keep your ball below the wind and on a low ball flight. There are not many better feelings than being able to find the middle of the clubface with this sort of club.

It is fair to say that 3-irons are usually in the bags of experienced golfers and those with low handicaps, as irons with such a thin face can be difficult to hit well.

But a 3-iron can be a reliable option for any player of any ability who prefers to hit irons as opposed to the big heads of fairway woods. Players can feel more confident and in control with an iron as opposed to a hybrid.

A 3-iron requires a fair amount of swing speed to get the best results, which is why it is often preferred to a 3 hybrid by players with lower handicaps.

However, a 3 hybrid could be exactly the club that some players need to plug a gap in their golf bag. A hybrid is also known as a rescue club which is the ideal tool to help players out of juicy rough or wet grass.

This is where a 3 hybrid can be far more useful than a 3-iron. It can be hard to make contact in the rough, or indeed the fairway, with the small face of an iron.

The strong, reinforced clubhead of a hybrid can provide players with great confidence of hitting a solid shot out of the middle of the face and a high enough shot for the ball to travel a good distance.

Like many things in golf, whether it is a choice of clothes, shoes or clubs, it is all down to what the player prefers and with the top of your bag, a 3-iron and a 3 hybrid is just another question of: What do you prefer?