Cobra King F8 iron review

Cobra King F8 iron review: is Cobra's new iron hit or miss in 2018?

Long, improved feel, consistent
High handicappers may want more forgiveness

For the first time, Cobra has released a set of irons with Cobra Connect, allowing golfers to make smarter decisions on the golf course.

But don’t let that overshadow the performance of this irons - because even without the added tech in the butt of the grip, this would be a leading wrench.



Medium top line and sole, medium sized face - it’s just what you’d expect from a mid handicapper iron.

The back of the club does add a touch of pizzaz. The carbon fibre gives it a modern edge, and the all-black look is awesome. Overall, a fairly clean aesthetic, and an improvement on the F7.

Cobra King F8 iron review

Feel and sound

Less game improvery compared to the F7. The feel is more sophisticated, purer in 2018, while also offering more feedback.


First let’s talk about distance, because the King F8 packs a punch. The PWRSHELL face seems to do the job, because we saw an increase in both ball speed and carry distances.

Perhaps more impressively, we enjoyed better consistency with these new F8 irons compared to the F7 product.

Cobra King F8 iron review

The progressive tech through the set - longer irons have a hollow cavity and low-spin grooves while short irons have high-spin grooves - makes complete sense.

The long irons are hugely more forgiving compared to the shorter irons, while we felt in complete control with the short irons in hand.

In the forgiveness stakes, it’s around the middle of the pack compared to other game improvement irons. Beginners will probably want more help, but for mid handicappers there is enough forgiveness in there.

Compared to other game improvement irons, there is a lot of workability available.

Cobra Connect powered by Arccos

Very simple to use, and providing easily digestible data. Players will be able to see where they are going wrong - or right - with their iron play, which should allow them to improve.

The only issue we have had with the Cobra Connect system is that it can drain the battery on older phones.  


A long iron that offers consistent yardages. Feel has been improved for 2018, making this a leading iron.

Probably more suited to mid handicappers rather than complete beginners, as there are more forgiving irons out there.

An excellent new iron from Cobra, that should prove popular.

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