Takomo 301 vs 101 irons Review: "Premium quality at an affordable price"

GolfMagic tests out the latest range of Takomo irons for players of all abilities. 

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Mon, 24 Jul 2023
Takomo 301 vs 101 irons Review: "Premium quality at an affordable price"

Need To Know

101s: lots of forgiveness, extra firepower, ease of launch. 301s: perfect iron for the better player who wants to play different types of shots, they're also very forgiving; both sets of irons come with nice KBS stock shafts and Lamkin grips
Their feel lets them down slightly in comparison to the more established brands in the iron market.
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PRICE: £510.00 YEAR: from 2023

Takomo irons: Key Features

  • The 101 irons are designed for golfers seeking pure forgiveness and out-and-out distance 
  • The 301 CB irons are designed for the better players among you who are seeking equal forgiveness but more shot-shaping on the course
  • The 101s are beautifully designed 431 carbon steel muscle-back irons, yet their hollow body design promotes forgiveness without giving up distance or looks
  • The 301s are made with precision forged S20C steel to provide you with the silky smooth contact, control, and responsiveness that a better player craves out on the golf course

Keen to try out the new kid on the block when it comes to golf irons? Look no further than Takomo, a company bringing a Scandinavian mindset to the game with premium offerings all at affordable prices. 

We were so impressed with the Takomo 101 irons designed for game improvers and 301 CB irons aimed at better players, that they both found a place as 'Best Newcomer' in our Best Golf Irons guide for 2023. 

Takomo's no-nonsense direct-to-consumer approach allows them to cut costs where it matters most.

But thankfully their irons still deliver the goods, as you'll find out in this review. 

"We never spare the expenses in quality and design, but we have found ways to cut corners where it’s valuable to the average golfer," Takomo tells GolfMagic.

"The money we save in retail and marketing goes straight into the design and performance. We keep improving where improvement can be achieved while keeping the clubs accessible."

With all that in mind, we wanted to learn more, so we took their 101 irons aimed at players seeking forgiveness and distance and compared them against their 301 CB irons for the better players out there. 

Let's take a closer look at them: 

Takomo Golf 101 irons ($489)

Straight out the box, the Takomo 101s instantly appealed to us here at GolfMagic with their beautiful 431 carbon steel appearance and hollow body design.

They look superb in the bag, but thankfully they look just as good over the ball.

They inspired plenty of confidence for us at address during our latest testing session. 

When it comes to performance, we received consistent levels of forgiveness time and time again. 

Given they cost less than $500, a lot less cheaper than many of the best performers in our latest irons guide for this season, you have to give Takomo plenty of credit here. 

The 101 irons are incredibly powerful. While not quite as long as the Cobra AeroJet irons this season, they are certainly above average, and that's all down to their thin precision-milled face which gives you high ball speed compression and an awesome spring effect for maximum ball speed.

We also admired the ball flights of these irons. They were launching airborne on an ideal trajectory strike after strike. 

While there was nothing hugely wrong with their feel, they didn't feel quite as pure as some other game-improvement irons we've tested this season. However, given these irons are targeting a golfer who wants tons of forgiveness and plenty of firepower, you could argue feel doesn't really matter a great deal if you are going to shoot lower scores at the end of the day. 

The 101s are capped off nicely with a KBS Tour Lite stock shaft, perfect for players seeking a higher trajectory and distance, as well as neat Lamkin Crossline grips. 

All in all, an absolutely superb iron, especially given their price. We would go as far to say the Takomo 101 is one of the best game-improvement irons you are not necessarily considering in 2023. 

Takomo Golf 301 irons ($649)

With Takomo having already impressed with their 101 irons, we were buzzing to test out the even sexier looking 301 CBs that have been designed for better players seeking forgiveness but also a greater ability to shape the golf ball. 

Thankfully, Takomo didn't let us down as these irons do everything and more that they guarantee on the brand's website. 

These player cavity back irons gave us loads of control, tons of workability and pleasingly a lot more forgiveness than we anticipated. 

While they do cost significantly more than the 101s, better players will relish these clubs given their levels of control and workability while also being extremely accurate. 

We will go as far to the Takomo 301 irons offered us much more consistent forgiveness across the board than we anticipated, especially given their forged look. You essentially have the best of both worlds with this iron.

It allows you to play all types of shots whether that's a draw, fade, high or low, while also saving you as much as possible when catching one out the heel or toe.

The larger sole on this iron really does seem to help you when it comes to hitting a draw or a fade. If you like to get creative with your ball striking, this is definitely an iron for you. 

These irons, certainly when struck out the middle, will keep you coming back time and time again. When you don't catch one out the middle, they will let you know about it.

They are definitely the nicer feeling of the two Takomo irons, but that was to be expected given their forged nature. However, we do still prefer the overall feel of other irons in our Best Golf Irons guide. 

In terms of distance, the 101 irons definitely come out on top by a good four to five yards we found on average, but that was to be expected. 

The 301 irons also feature a KBS Tour shaft as standard, as well as Lamkin Crossline grips once more, both of which only go to increase their overall appeal.

Should you purchase Takomo irons? 

Absolutely, we are already huge fans of Takomo irons having used them for the first time this month. 

These irons are definitely the best newcomers to the golf market in 2023. 

The 101s are the way to go if you're a game-improver seeking lots of forgiveness, extra distance and an ease of launch.

The 301s are without doubt the way to go for you better players out there who like to get creative on the golf course.