Titleist T-Series 2023 Irons review: "Stunning irons for every golfer"

Titleist's T-Series irons have been some of the most popular on Tour since their first release in 2019. So in order to up the ante in 2023, the brand has focused on making small refinements in order to achieve big gains.

Titleist T-Series Irons
Titleist T-Series Irons
All four irons look stunning at address, each model can be blended together seamlessly to create ideal gapping, premium feel at impact felt across all four models
The T100 irons require elite ball striking in order to maximise carry distance and ball speed

Featuring four brand-new models, Titleist has designed an armoury of new T-Series irons to suit a broad range of skill levels, with each one engineered to deliver unrivalled performance in the three dimensions of iron performance: distance control, dispersion control and descent angle.

With both the T100 and T200 models receiving a fresh update, Titleist has also launched two new models, the T150 and T350.

Renowned for their pure performance and sleek, sophisticated looks, Titleist irons have long been considered one of the finest options on the market. Trusted by the likes of Jordan Spieth, Cameron Young and Max Homa, the brand is synonymous with elite-level craftsmanship.

With previous iterations of the T-Series irons receiving both critical acclaim and Tour validation, our expectations were sky-high for the brand's offering for 2023. 

Focused on making refined tweaks to an already polished product, Titleist has promised big gains from its new lines of irons. So to find out how they all performed, we headed down to Titleist's UK Performance Centre at Woburn for a full fitting.

Let's get into it.


Titleist T100
Titleist T100

Titleist T100 irons

Key Features

  • Dual-cavity forged construction features an updated back bar, designed to produce a more solid feel at impact
  • Using dense D18 tungsten and a 2000 degrees aerospace brazing process, Titleist's engineers have eliminated weld points to be ultra-precise with CG placement
  • Precision CNC face milling process delivers more control and consistency in ball flight
  • Improved variable bounce sole with a smoother and softer trailing edge
Titleist T100
Titleist T100

Considered Titleist's modern Tour iron, the sleek T100 irons are clearly designed for the better player. Featuring minimal offset and a thin topline (particularly in the longer irons), these irons have a refined profile that will suit the eye of better ball strikers.

A significant aesthetic change sees the classic Titleist logo placed in the centre of the back of the club. This might not seem like much of a change to some, but when you compare it to the previous iteration, it's clear to see that there has been a big improvement in looks.

From the testing at Titleist's national performance centre, we were impressed with the consistent turf interaction we received from the T100. The variable bounce sole is a big improvement from the 2021 model, and this was very noticeable through impact.

Although these irons are not meant for forgiveness, the spin consistency stuck out on off-centre strikes. We were still able to maintain spin above 6000 RPM on strikes that were off-centre - With other irons, we've tested, this variance was far greater. 

To be expected from Titleist, the feel of these clubs was fantastic. The fully forged construction felt soft out of the centre, and even when struck out of the toe or heel, we were impressed with in hand sensation we experienced. 

Typically opting to use more of a player's distance iron, we did notice a drop off in ball speed and carry distance with the T100 irons, but what we gained was a much more consistent ball flight with greater spin control and accuracy. 

Should you buy the Titleist T100 irons?

If you are a pure ball striker that's looking for excellent workability in a refined head, then irons don't come much better than the T100. The CNC-milled face provides a butter-like feel at impact, and the improved variable bounce sole provides excellent turf interaction that better players will really appreciate. 

Titleist T150
Titleist T150

Titleist T150 irons

Key Features:

  • Refined muscle channel situated close to the face to create an even more solid feel at impact
  • Precision CNC face milling process eliminates imperfections on the surface
  • Confidence-inspiring topline with a slightly larger profile than the T100 irons to promote forgiveness without sacrificing looks
  • Improved variable bounce sole with a smoother and softer trailing edge
Titleist T150
Titleist T150

Aptly named by Titleist as its "Faster Tour Iron", the T150s are not a continuation of the T100s but rather a new line entirely.

Titleist was honest in saying that the previous T100S irons were too similar to other models, and they have clearly learnt from this with the introduction of the T150 range. 

While similar in many ways to the T100 irons, the T150 features subtle changes to produce increased forgiveness and more explosive ball speeds. Like the T100, the T150 features a fully forged construction with the same blade length and offset measurement, but where they differ is with 2-degree stronger lofts and a more confidence-inspiring head shape and topline.

The result of these minor refinements is an iron that provides all of the benefits of an elite player's iron but with a profile better suited to golfers who may not be quite as confident consistently finding the centre of the clubface (almost everyone).

Thanks to the strengthened lofts, we did see a noticeable uptick in carry distance, and the slightly thicker topline was far more confidence inspiring at address.

Should you buy the Titleist T150 irons?

If you're a player who appreciates the refined look and premium feel of a player's iron but requires slightly stronger lofts to help increase carry distance and ball speed, then the T150s should definitely be considered for your next purchase. 

Titleist T200
Titleist T200

Titleist T200 irons

Key Features:

  • Re-engineered chassis creates a stiffer structure allowing the Max Impact Technology to fit tighter against the face
  • Popular Tour-inspired shape remains consistent from the previous model, and identical offset and blade length to T100 and T150 allows for seamless transition through a blended set
  • Variable bounce sole allows the clubhead to move faster and smoother through the turf
Titleist T200
Titleist T200

An outstanding-looking player's distance iron, the T200 is the perfect blend of game-improvement performance and player's looks. We loved the newly designed backplate, which marks a noticeable improvement in looks from the previous T200 irons.

The benefits of the T200 don't stop there, though; the re-designed internal structure provides a huge leap forward in feel compared to its predecessor, with the stiffer structure producing a much more solid feel at impact.

The hollow body design is constructed from a forged face and a cast back and hosel, perfectly blending feel and forgiveness. Much like other hollow body-constructed irons on the market, the ball feels hot off the face. This sensation is reflected in the excellent ball speeds and carry distance we were able to achieve. 

Producing a solid 'thud' sound at impact, these irons potentially don't provide the feel and workability that may be desired by premium ball strikers, but they will undoubtedly appeal to a broad range of golfers who look for assistance in terms of both forgiveness and distance. 

Should you buy the Titleist T200 irons?

In short, player's distance irons don't come much better than the T200. Improved looks, excellent feel, and outstanding performance make these irons one of the best in the category and well worth trying at your next fitting.

Titleist T350
Titleist T350

Titleist T350 irons

Key Features:

  • Max Impact Technology, a new dual taper forged face with dual tungsten weighting 
  • Multi-material hollow body construction provides maximum forgiveness while retaining a pure player's feel
  • Variable bounce sole allows the clubhead to move faster and smoother through the turf
Titleist T350
Titleist T350

Titleist's ultra game improvement iron, the T350, manages to blend the classy look the brand is renowned for into an ultra-forgiving head shape.

Typically, game improvement irons suffer in the looks department by being a touch on the clunky side, the T350s, however, are far from what we would consider clunky. While the head is obviously larger than the previous models in the T-Series range, the designers have done a fantastic job of creating a profile that maintains the brand's sleek and appealing aesthetic. 

The top line has almost been blended into the club to make it appear less overwhelming, which is a touch we really liked, and overall it's one of the best-looking heads in the category.

In terms of feel, the T350 benefits from a forged, dual-taper face that produces a solid, satisfying feel at impact, and while not feeling as soft as your typical Titleist iron, it certainly ranks highly compared to its competitors. 

With regards to performance, forgiveness is what Titleist promised, and forgiveness is what you get. We found the T350 irons incredibly easy to launch, which will undoubtedly appeal to high handicappers. 

We did find the irons harder to control when compared to the more refined models in the range, but they did a fantastic job of retaining ball speeds across the face, which will prove pivotal for maintaining carry distance for golfers who struggle to strike the ball out of the centre consistently. 

We were a big fan of this particular model and would rank it top of the list for high-handicap golfers. 

Should you buy the Titleist T350 irons?

One of, if not the best-looking game improvement iron on the market, the T350s would make an outstanding addition to any high handicapper's bag. Offering bag fulls of forgiveness and sleek aesthetics, the T350 irons should definitely be tested at any future fittings.


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