Could this bizarre training aid help Phil Mickelson at US PGA?

Mickelson was spotted wearing some rather strange glasses when he was practising his putting at Valhalla.

Phil Mickelson
Phil Mickelson

Phil Mickelson loves to tinker with his equipment, but the latest gadget he was spotted using at the US PGA takes things to a whole new level. 

The gadget in question is a pair of ProAim Golf Putting Glasses. 

The glasses, which cost around $60, are meant to ensure you are squared up at the address with the putter in hand.  

They are designed to promote a straight back and through stroke, with the putter face being delivered square to the target line.

During his practice session at Valhalla, Mickelson was seen sporting these glasses, using them to fine-tune his putting stroke. 

Take a look at the glasses below.

The glasses work by allowing light into the yellow section beside the right eye, essentially producing an alignment grid in your line of sight. 

That grid appears beside the ball, providing a visual aid to ensure your stroke remains on path. 

Credit: In The Hole Golf
Credit: In The Hole Golf

While Mickelson has caught the attention of the golfing world this week, the glasses have also been used by household names, including legendary golf coach Butch Harmon and former Open champions Mark Calcavecchia and Darren Clarke

So, how will these glasses help Mickelson win his 7th major championship? Well, the glasses deliver instant putting feedback, which will undoubtedly help him produce a more consistent and stable putting stroke, which, in turn, should mean he holes more putts. 

Whether he can deliver on that remains to be seen. 

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