Feel the Ram effect with all-new FX Milled putter range

Ram Golf has launched a new range of putters under its high-performance FX brand for 2024.

Ram Golf has launched a new putter line
Ram Golf has launched a new putter line
Ram Golf has launched a new range of putters under its high-performance FX brand which promise to help golfers deliver the clubhead squarely and produce a true and more consistent roll.
Offered in five models, comprising a choice of one blade design and four ultra-forgiving mallets, Ram Golf’s FX Milled range delivers long on performance while also being affordably low on price, with each model having an RRP of just £79.99.
Designed by legendary putter designer Larry Tang, the putters have been engineered in a variety of different head shapes to suit all strokes, each of the five FX putters is CNC milled for a precision finish and soft feel and feature an anodised anti-glare black finish which is matched with an all-black matte steel shaft and black grip for a classy, ‘stealth’ look.
The dark finish also contrasts superbly with a white or coloured golf ball, further aiding alignment and helping to frame the ball neatly at address.   
Ram FX-01
For those who have a slight arc to their putting stroke, or simply prefer the look of a blade-style putter, the FX-01 is slightly wider than a traditional blade, offering more forgiveness and stability. The 360g head features a toe hang design that will help square the face at impact for those who rotate the face open and shut through the stroke, leading to more accurate putts.
Ram FX-02
The FX-02 is a classic mid-size mallet, whose semi-circular head profile offers plenty of forgiveness on off-centre strikes, while the CNC milled face provides buttery soft feel at impact and an ultra-consistent roll for ultimate distance control.  The FX-02’s 350g head is face balanced, which means it will tend to open less on the backswing and close less on the follow-through, making it ideal for players with a straight putting stroke. Three distinctive white lines on the crown contrast with the black finish to aid alignment for greater accuracy.
Ram FX-03
The FX-03 is a high MOI wing-back mallet that promotes stability on off-centre strikes, ensuring putts roll out wherever they are hit on the face. The 355g head is also face-balanced and is designed for those with a straight or slight arc to their stroke.
Ram FX-04
The combination of the square head shape and face balance makes the FX-04 the ultimate weapon for golfers with a straight back-and-through putting stroke who want strong ease of alignment and plenty of forgiveness. A single dot on the top of the blade and a single white line from front to back help to square the face to the target.
Ram FX-05
The FX-05 is the range’s highest MOI model, with its super distinctive design helping to reposition mass wider and deeper in the 360g clubhead, perfect for putting strokes that have some inconsistencies and need some extra built-in forgiveness. Boasting a face balanced design, a single white line serves as a simple alignment tool, while the anti-glare finish makes it great for putting in all conditions.
All five models are offered with a choice of three shaft lengths – 33, 34, and 35 inches – and are fitted with a Deluxe Ram jumbo black grip with multi- surface texturing for improved grip and feel even in wet conditions. They also come with a deluxe headcover to maintain the stylish appearance even after extended use.
Ram FX Milled putters have an RRP of £79.99 and can be purchased directly through Ram Golf at www.ramgolf.co.uk

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