Introducing: Solex. The sports-focussed sun cream

Solex is a new sun-cream targeted at the sports market that features an easy-to-use applicator designed to make keeping yourself protected simple and mess free.

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Wed, 1 Nov 2023

Despite an increase in awareness over recent years about the dangers of sun damage,  golfers continue to neglect adequate protection during their time on course.

Whilst reasoning can vary, the biggest hindrances to regular usage of sun cream amongst golfers continues to be; greasy hands, ease of use and ease of access. 

Introducing: Solex- the sports-specific sun protection brand that has been specifically created to solve these issues. 

Its patented applicator makes applying suncream quick, even, and hands-free; negating the greasy feel associated with regular cream and aerosol products.

By simply twisting the cap and squeezing the product onto the skin, golfers are able to spread suncream evenly using the applicator. Solex’s unique saddle-shaped design ensures cream is distributed across areas that have been traditionally more difficult to protect, even when using a sun stick. 

Sun sticks and roll-ons struggle to dispense cream evenly across the body, and still require the use of hands during application. Likewise, it can be difficult to ensure aerosol sun creams are providing adequate protection, with much of the product often wasted. 

You must also not spray onto the face to avoid contact with eyes, with research also showing that inhalation of these aerosol creams can be extremely dangerous. 

Solex’s sports-focussed design has been brought to market with ease of use in mind. Its integrated rope allows for Solex to be clipped on to golf bags, freeing up space within, and placing it within easy each throughout the round. 

Additionally, it’s retail-friendly design and branding will become a firm-favourite in Pro Shops, removing any excuses from golfers for not reapplying suncream whilst out on the course – something that is essential for skin protection.

The bottle’s ergonomic design also features a mirror on the base of the cap, helping golfers to ensure all cream has been absorbed by the skin. 

Solex is planned for wider distribution into the global sporting market in early 2024, with the brand showcasing the product at the PGA Show in Orlando.

A Kickstarter campaign has been set up, allowing golfers to buy into the brand before launch; purchasing the ground-breaking product at a competitive introductory rate. Further details can be found below.

The team behind Solex commented:

“We’ve been a lifelong advocates for golfers being more skin-conscious. With backgrounds in manufacturing, Solex is something that we’ve long wanted to bring to the market. We were adamant that the product would be easy to use, and we’ve spend the last two years, refining the shape of the  applicator to ensure it offers full coverage for athletes whilst out in the sunshine. We’ve already had a fantastic reception from some of the UK’s leading golf clubs, and can’t wait to see the product in Pro Shops in 2024.”

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