adidas TOUR360 XT Primeknit Review

GolfMagic tests and reviews the new waterproof Primeknit golf shoe from adidas Golf.

adidas TOUR360XT Primeknit review
adidas TOUR360XT Primeknit review
Waterproof, all-year-round shoe, extremely comfortable, stylish

The TOUR360 XT Primeknit from adidas Golf features a waterproof knit upper, giving players a new level of comfort without sacrificing any performance on the course. adidas Golf continue to lead the way in innovative apparel technology and the TOUR360 XT Primeknit is another incredible addition to adidas' impressive shoe range.

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Loving the new @adidasgolf Tour 360 XT Primeknit waterproof shoes

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Since stability is so important throughout the golf swing, the new footwear also incorporates forging technology – the process of heating the upper to provide more stability around the midfoot without adding weight. When coupled with the 360 Wrap, it gives players the locked-in feel they need for every shot. The shoe is highlighted by the eight-cleat X-Traxion outsole, the best traction system adidas has made to date. Players will also appreciate the full-length BOOST midsole, providing an added level of comfort and energy return so that every hole feels like their first.

“We’re always working on creative ways to infuse both comfort and performance into a golf shoe,” said Masun Denison, Global Footwear Director at adidas Golf. “With the TOUR360 XT Primeknit, it checks all the boxes, giving players an extremely comfortable – and dry - wear throughout their round, while also giving them the support, traction and stability they need as they play. It also offers a unique look to help them stand out on the course.”
GolfMagic couldn't agree more with Masun in the sense that the waterprood TOUR360 XT Primeknit ticks all the boxes in terms of what you are looking for in a golf shoe.
All adidas golf shoes are known for their comfort, but the Primeknit stands out in that sense due to the material it's made from, you don't feel any rub or other discomfort throughout your round.
Having the waterproof upper is an absolute gamechanger for a shoe this comfortable as you no longer need to treat a knitted shoe as a typical 'summer shoe' due to the fact that you can wear these in the rain, making the new TOUR360 XT Primeknit a year-round style.
We love the style of the shoe and it goes without saying it's easily one of the best looking golf shoes on the market today. adidas Golf has combined a sporty look that stands out amongst others, making it a truly unique style.
Performance wise, the TOUR360 XT Primeknit offers excellent stability with premium comfort, which is exactly what you need in a golf shoe. There's no point a shoe being comfortable if it doesn't provide the support you need and there's also no point in the shoe being supportive but uncomfortable.
The ankle support is higher than a typical golf shoe but we love the soft feel and how it makes your feet feel locked into the shoe.
The adidas TOUR360 XT Primeknit is easily our favourite shoe of 2019. If you're looking for a shoe that provides comfort and style that you can wear all year round, then look no further than this one.

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