Duca del Cosma Davinci Golf Shoes Review

GolfMagic tests out the Duca del Cosma Davinci Golf Shoes.

Duca del Cosma Davinci Golf Shoes
Duca del Cosma Davinci Golf Shoes
Premium construction is evident from the first wear, toned-down styling is a big improvement on the previous models, deliver excellent traction and stability
Brown welt is an unnecessary detail, high price point may put off some consumers

Duca del Cosma Davinci Key Features:

  • Premium quality Italian Nappa Leather Construction: delivers classic Italian style and sophistication
  • ARNEFLEX insert sole: provides a comfortable ride for long-lasting on-course comfort
  • Airplay 11 outsole: delivers traction and stability where you need it most

Constructed from fine Italian leather and handmade, Duca del Cosma shoes are renowned for their European styling, premium construction and excellent stability.

New for 2024, the Davinci shoes offer a slightly more toned-down design approach while still boasting all of the luxury details we've come to expect from the Italian brand over the years. 

Featuring an Airplay 11 Outsole and an ARNEFLEX insert sole, these shoes not only look great but are also packed full of features to improve your experience on the course. 

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To see how they performed, we took them out for a round at Foxhills Golf and Country Club.

Let's get into it.

Duca del Cosma Davinci Golf Shoes
Duca del Cosma Davinci Golf Shoes

Duca del Cosma Davinci Looks:

The Davincis are probably the best-looking shoes we've ever seen from Duca del Cosma.

The all-white upper is clean and simple, offering a very traditional overall aesthetic, which we don't typically see from the brand. 

Usually, Duca del Cosma likes to go big on branding; however, with these shoes, the main body is kept very clean, with a small Duca del Cosma logo near the heel region.

Personally, we think this is a much better design approach, which allows the premium construction and luxury materials to do the talking. 

A slightly textured panel on the midfoot features very subtle lines of Duca del Cosma branding, which is a lovely touch that adds some subtle character to the upper. Perforated brogue-style detailing is also added around the collar, which rounds out the whole design beautifully.

Moving lower down the shoes, the designers have opted for a brown welt that runs around the entirety of the shoe. If we were being picky, we probably would have kept this particular piece white to go more harmoniously with the rest of the design. However, this was our only slight issue with the design. 

The sole is also a bright green colour, which we absolutely love. Barely visible from above, the sole adds a splash of colour, which compliments the full white upper really nicely.

All in all, we are really impressed with the overall appearance of these shoes. 

Duca del Cosma has gone for a traditional silhouette and absolutely nailed it with small luxury details we've come to know and love from the brand. 

Duca del Cosma Davinci Golf Shoes
Duca del Cosma Davinci Golf Shoes

Duca del Cosma Davinci Comfort and Performance:

We will admit that in years gone by, Duca del Cosma shoes took a bit of wearing in before we would head out for a full 18 holes in them. However, the Davincis felt a lot more supple on first wear, so we decided to throw caution to the wind and fully test out the out-of-the-box comfort for a full round. 

Slipping these shoes on for the first time, you can really feel the quality of construction and materials. 

The leather feels soft, the midsole feels flexible, and the outsole delivers bags of traction.

Striding down the 1st hole, we were immediately impressed by the structure and comfort on offer.

Our feet felt secure, stable, nicely cushioned and quite pampered by the soft, premium leather. 

In hand, the shoes felt slightly heavier than competitors; however, on foot, they felt light and bouncy, while still offering the level of stability you need from a high-performance shoe. 

In terms of sizing, the shoes deliver ample space in the toe box, which will certainly benefit golfers with slightly wider feet. 

We had absolutely no issues walking a full 18 on our first wear, and thanks to the ARNEFLEX insole, we experienced no noticeable foot fatigue during or after the round. 

The array of hard rubber nubs on the outsole also delivered a suitable amount of traction, even on the slightly wetter areas of the course. The construction also boasts a very stable platform from which you can really swing hard without fear of rolling your feet over. 

All in all, we were really impressed by these golf shoes. 

In the past some Duca del Cosma shoes have been a bit hit and miss in both the looks and comfort departments, but the brand has smashed it out of the park with this new model.

Duca del Cosma Davinci Golf Shoes
Duca del Cosma Davinci Golf Shoes

Should you buy a pair of Duca del Cosma Davinci Golf Shoes?

If you're a golfer who values premium construction, luxury materials, and low-key styling, then these shoes could be right up your alley. 

The subtle branding, traditional design and impressive comfort make these some of the best shoes we have tested this year. 

While the price point is high on these shoes, coming in at £199, you do get arguably the best standard of materials and build quality on the market right now. 

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