PUMA Ignite Elevate Golf Shoes Review: "Incredible comfort, superb style"

The new PUMA Ignite Elevate is the most impressive spikeless golf shoe we have tested in 2023. 

Ignite Foam provides you with an incredibly soft, comfortable and cushioned feel; EXOShell Tech gives you that locked-in feel; low profile look gives them a versatile vibe; waterproof protection; great traction; fantastic price tag
You can get a bit more waterproof protection from other shoes

PUMA Ignite Elevate Golf Shoes - Key Features

  • Ignite Foam: provides you exceptional cushioning and comfort and keeps you bouncing all the way into the 19th
  • EXOShell: supports the foot during the golf swing and offers waterproof performance
  • PWRSADDLE Technology: utilises a super lightweight TPU saddle for further support and stability
  • Concentric Traction: gives you incredible grip no matter the lie or weather conditions

The brand new PUMA Ignite Elevate Golf Shoes are a deserving front runner in our Best Golf Shoes Buyer Guide for 2023. 

They tick all the boxes we are looking for when it comes to style, comfort, stability and performance from a spikeless golf shoe.

We also think they represent unbelievable value for money right now at around a ton. 



We've worn the new PUMA Ignite Elevate Golf Shoes for a number of practice sessions and 18-hole rounds now, so let's dive in and give you our thoughts...

PUMA Ignite Elevate Golf Shoes - Looks

Straight out the box, the PUMA Ignite Elevate ooze a sense of style. 

These shoes are available in a range of different colours such as black, white/black, white and grey, but we've been testing them out in the all-black version, which is probably wise given the state of the courses we have been playing at the moment in the UK! 

What instantly appeals to us about these shoes is the textured pattern on the upper giving it that black 'caged' feel about it. You get an early sense that you're about to get locked in, which is exactly the case. 

The PUMA Ignite Elevate golf shoe has got a low-profile look about it, but yet it also features a thick white base to let you know there is plenty of tech going on underneath it. 

As always with a PUMA spikeless golf shoe, we love the versatility about it. You would not look out of place walking down the shops in a pair of the Ignite Elevate shoes. 

The liner on the Ignite Foam that you're about to jump into is splashed in lime green just to help separate it from the rest of the shoe, and the laces have received a trendy polka dot appearance about them, which looks great. 

All in all, just a very good looking shoe. 

PUMA Ignite Elevate Golf Shoes - Comfort and Performance

It's all good looking great, but can it perform? The answer is thankfully a resounding yes. 

The big reason is all down the Ignite Foam, which just continues to impress us here at GolfMagic. 

If you have never experienced Ignite Foam before, then it's basically the equivalent of walking on a bed of feathers. 

For us, the PUMA Ignite Elevate Golf Shoes represent the comfiest and most cushioned pair of spikeless shoes you will find all season. 

You instantly receive a soft, snug feel from the moment you slip them on, and that feeling never goes away until you take them off. They really do keep you bouncing all the way into the 19th. The tongue of the shoe is really comfortable, too. There's no harshness on top of your feet. 

Another cool piece of technology packed in PUMA shoes is EXOShell, which essentially provides you with maximum support all every single shot you play out there. It also helps give you that locked-in feel. 

We have been testing these golf shoes out in some fairly atrocious weather conditions of late, and we can happily report they have provided us with complete waterproof protection and absolutely no slippage. This is as a result of their Concentric Traction, which give you incredible grip. It's fair to say the FootJoy HyperFlex Carbon golf shoes will likely offer you a bit more forgiveness when the heavens do open, but those shoes cost a lot more. 

Some of you might be thinking the PUMA Ignite Elevate shoes are just for summer golf, and while that would certainly be their preferred conditions as it would be for any spikeless golf shoe out there in 2023, we could not put you off wearing these golf shoes all-year round.

That's another reason why we think £109 looks fantastic value for money.

Should you buy the PUMA Ignite Elevate Golf Shoes?

Absolutely, this is our favourite spikeless golf shoe out there in 2023. The comfort and cushioned feel you receive out of the PUMA Ignite Elevated Golf Shoes is as strong as you will experience. Throw in their stylish look and very fair price tag, and you're onto a winner here. 

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