Under Armour Drive Pro Golf Shoes Review

GolfMagic tests out the new Under Armour Drive Pro golf shoes.

Under Armour Drive Pro Golf Shoes
Under Armour Drive Pro Golf Shoes
The best performing shoes we've tested in 2024, excellent comfort and traction, locked in feel is second to none
Not the best-looking shoes we've tested this year.

Under Armour Drive Pro Key Features:

  • UA Swing Support System: provides smarter traction, dual-foam cushioning & lockdown lacing
  • Swing Support Strap: combines with reinforcement in the upper to provide biomechanically correct lock-in
  • Energy-returning UA HOVR foam + supportive Charged Cushioning: guides natural motion of the foot in a golf swing

Designed in collaboration with Jordan Spieth and a number of other Under Armour ambassadors, the Under Armour Drive Pro golf shoes are engineered for ultimate stability and performance.

The shoes feature a three layer swing support system, that was developed with world-renowned biomechanist JJ Rivet. 

The system is said to help support the natural motion of the golf swing, providing golfers with greater stability and support, allowing for enhanced power with every swing. 

We tested the shoes for the first time at the PGA Show in Orlando, but to fully stress test whether or not they could truly help us generate more power, we took them out for a couple of rounds at Mannings Heath Golf and Wine Estate to see how they performed. 

Let's get into it.

Under Armour Drive Pro
Under Armour Drive Pro

Under Armour Drive Pro Looks:

Our first impressions of these shoes when we took them out of the box were that they were built with performance in mind. 

Now, that's not to say they don't look good, but they are definitely some of the larger shoes we have tested this year. 

The synthetic upper features an array of textures, with a perforated pattern on the outside of the foot also complimented by an array of lines that run down the outside near your little toe. 

In all honesty, these aren't our favourite-looking shoes of 2024. 

They're by no means ugly, but on this occasion, they were not quite to our taste, primarily because they were quite chunky when looking down at address. 

The Under Armour logo near the heel is kept relatively discreet, which is a big plus for us, and the HOVR text on the midsole is also a nice touch. 

The dark grey contrasting collar is also a nice design choice, helping elevate the shoes' overall appearance. 

While the Drive Pro were perhaps not our favourite looking shoes, where they really impressed was comfort and performance. 

Under Armour Drive Pro
Under Armour Drive Pro

Under Armoud Drive Pro Performance and Comfort:

These golf shoes were designed with direct feedback from Tour pros, and in collaboration with a leading biomechanist, and you can really tell as soon as you slip them on. 

As we previously mentioned, they are quite chunky, but that immediately pays dividends when you take your first strides in them. 

The level of padding and cushioning in all areas of the shoes provides a dreamy ride, and you feel instantly locked in as soon as the shoes are laced up. 

The toe box has plenty of space and the cushioned collar also sits nicely against the ankle without any uncomfortable rubbing. 

The key tech in these shoes is the Swing Support System, which utilises three different parts of the shoe in order to provide stability and support. 

The three components of this system are the S3 spikes, dual-density midsole and Swing Support Strap.

Starting from the bottom, the S3 spikes are located in the medial heel and lateral forefoot, and they delivered outstanding traction, preventing our feet from twisting too much through the swing. 

The S3 spikes are also accompanied by Tour Flex Pro spikes, and the combination provides superb traction on even the wettest surfaces. 

Even with our mightiest heaves with the driver, our feet remained secure to the ground, allowing us to swing confidently every time.

Moving to the midsole, Under Armour has created a dual-density midsole made of HOVR foam and more supportive Charged Cushioning. The two different materials cradle your feet in all the right places, delivering not only a comfortable walking experience but also an excellent platform from which to swing. 

The midsole is designed to help you transition your weight more effectively, and as we will discuss shortly, that massively helped us swing with greater power.

The third and final component of the system is the Swing Support Strap. The strap is fully connected to both the spikes and the laces, delivering a 360-degree wrap-around effect that makes your feet feel fully locked into the shoes. 

Now, this trifecta of tech feels fantastic, and the traction is incredible, but does it actually benefit how you play golf?

Well, we did some extensive testing out in Orlando using a launch monitor, and we found that when wearing the Drive Pros, we instantly gained swing speed and distance with our driver. 

The gains were actually so substantial that we will happily say that in terms of performance, these shoes are the best we've tested in 2024. 

All in all, we were blown away by how good these shoes are. They're comfortable without fault, and their traction and stability are first-class.

When you throw in the performance benefits they offer, these have to be considered the shoe of 2024 so far. 

Under Armour Drive Pro Golf Shoes
Under Armour Drive Pro Golf Shoes

Should you buy a pair of Under Armour Drive Pro Golf Shoes?

Yes, you absolutely should. Although they are not our favourite-looking shoes of 2024, their level of comfort and performance is second to none. 

These shoes helped us gain speed and distance almost instantly, which is not something we've been able to say until now, in 2024.

So, if you prioritise performance from your golf shoes, we would highly recommend heading to the shops and picking up a pair of Drive Pros right now. 

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