John Letters TR47

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Andy Roberts
Wed, 25 Sep 2013
John Letters TR47

John Letters
Game improvement driver: TR47
RRP: £199 Best price: £199
Lie: 59-degree Length: 46” Swing Weight: D3
Shaft: UST V2 Grip: UST Mamiya 

Summary: The TR47 is manufactured from 15-3-3-3 titanium - regarded as one of the finest Beta Titanium’s available - and delivers unrivalled power and stunning looks. Features a custom UST Mamiya shaft and grip designed specifically for the TR47 to minimise torque, optimise the ball flight and harness the powerful head design.

Head and shaft combination of black and blue worked particularly well and the JL logo provided pefect alignment. A nice deep titanium face aided confidence but it the clubhead felt a little too closed at address. 7.5

The Tour-proven V2 shaft felt superb but we weren’t particularly keen on the standard rubber-style UST grip, which felt a little too thin and more likened to a putter grip. The driver delivered a crisp, compressed crack when striking one out the centre. 6.5

We were rather surprised by the performance if we’re honest as it trumped several of the more renowned driver brands in the distance stakes. Although we struggled with our opening few drives, hitting well offline, we eventually managed to take advantage of the new 15-3-3-3 beta titanium face and crank drives in the vicinity of 260 yards. Ball flight was particularly high and hence there was not much run out. 8.5

Not the most forgiving game improvement driver out there but it’s long and feels great in the hands. Trajectory was a little higher than ideal, but all in all, the TR47 will offer tremendous value of money when it hits the shelves. 22.5

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