Mizuno MP-64

On test: 10 of the latest irons for the better player. Results were close but one club emerges as winner

Mizuno MP-64

Brand: Mizuno
Player iron: MP-64
RRP: £700 Best price: £489
Loft: 30-degree Lie: 61-degree Length: 37.25”
Shaft: KBS Tour C-Taper Grip: Golf Pride M-31

Summary: The MP-64 offers a touch more forgiveness than a traditional blade with Mizuno’s R&D team focused on producing the softest, most solid feel possible.

Appearance: As expected, there are no crazy graphics on this instantly recognisable Mizuno blade - it’s just plain and simply neat and stylish. The satin face frames the ball well at address and helps with alignment down the target. One of the best looking clubs in this test. Not the thickest topline in the world but the thin sole excited me greatly. 9

Feel: One of the softest irons I’ve played for some time. The KBS C-Taper shaft also provided me with a very low-launch, low-spin shaft - perfect for my quick swing tempo. 9

Performance: Not the most forgiving iron out there and so I believe you need to be a solid ball striker to make the most of it. I enjoyed the softness, however, and trajectory that launches a lot higher than previous Mizuno irons I have tried in the past. Decent workability as expected from a blade and the remarkably soft edge to this club aids consistent turf interaction. 8

Verdict: Along with Luke Donald’s help, Mizuno has taken a page out of the old play book and gone back to the super soft feel they are renowned for. In comparison to previous Mizuno irons I’ve struck before, these babies just seem to melt at impact. Low cappers will thrive; golfers fighting their swing could struggle. 26

Pro Verdict: On first looks, the MP-64 looks like a normal bladed club. I find an instantly recognisable Mizuno blade makes you feel like a pro. It does, however, have a smaller sweet spot with little built-in directional forgiveness and it’s a little too heavy in the handle for me. I also can’t sense the clubhead too much in the swing. 

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