Odyssey Tank 2-Ball

Golfmagic joins 10 testers at Horsley Lodge Golf Club in Derby to test some of the best new mallets in the game

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Wed, 14 May 2014
Odyssey Tank 2-Ball

Brand: Odyssey
Putter: Tank 2-Ball
Design: Mallet
RRP: £130
Loft: 3-degree Lie: 70-degree
Head Weight: 400g
Available lengths:
34, 36, 38, 40"

Summary: The Odyssey Tank range has been extended and the inclusion of the Tank 2-Ball is about to make the world's best selling putter even more popular. Tank technology uses Counterbalance Weight Stability which gives you a heavier than standard head with a heavier shaft to keep your hands quieter through your putting stroke. That is the minor benefit of extra weight, the main reason the Tank has proved so popular has been because the extra weight provides an extremely high MOI for more stability through the impact zone for a more consistent pendulum stroke. Testing the 36" version, for example, the total club MOI is 34% higher than a standard putter and a 19% increase in total club weight.

Looks: Hard to fault when you consider the 2-Ball head design has accumulated more than 245 wins, 16 major titles and more than 5.5 million satisfied customers. We certainly had 12 satisfied testers here. Very easy to align with confidence on the short putts. 4.1 (out of 5)

Feel: Majority of testers favoured the Counterbalance Stability Weighting, citing the headweight was very stable and contributed to some very accurate putts. Majority of testers explained sound and feel off the face, utilising the world famous White Hot insert, was the strongest in the test. Several testers thought it was much too soft, however, and found it hard to gauge pace on the longer putts. 7.9 (out of 10)

Performance: Very strong performer. Stable feel and lovely 'pop' sensation off the face contributed to lots of balls going under. The greater MOI on offer here provided all testers with more stability through impact and helped engage more of pendulum stroke, preventing those wrists from breaking down. 8 (out of 10)

Verdict: One of the strongest mallets out there, as you'd expect from a new Odyssey putter. The 2-Ball design always ticks the right boxes, as too, the White Hot insert when it comes to feel. Head weight felt just right and almost impossible to pull or push a putt from close range. Hard to fault and terrific value for money at £130. 20 (out of 25)

Results: 116 putts holed (out of 180)

Tester  Name  Handicap 3-feet6-feet15-feet
8Damian 17552

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