Vertical Groove Golf fairway wood review

Vertical Groove Golf fairway wood: can VGG re-invent the groove?

Long, nice feel.
Looks will split opinion.


After the Vertical Groove driver comes the fairway wood, with much of the same technology.

Grooves are flipped vertical (clue’s in the heading) with the theory going that this will improve forgiveness and distance.

We went to Hadley Wood Golf Club in north London to test this fairway wood with the help of Skytrak launch monitor.


The headshape is fairly traditional and looks appealing sat behind the ball, but the paint job won’t be to everyone’s liking.

The large alignment line will definitely help you get lined up as it pops off the crown, but it’s definitely in your face.

We’re not completely sure the green colourway works, but clearly this is subjective.

Vertical Groove Golf fairway wood review

Feel and sound

It has a distinct feel that needs to be tested. When struck right from the middle we enjoyed a soft, muted feel.

Vertical Groove Golf fairway wood review


In the distance stakes, the Vertical Groove Golf fairway wood excels. We got some impressive numbers on well hit shots, up there with the longest available. This is true for use off the tee and the deck.

Regarding forgiveness we found it to be middle of the pack. Still a decent whack in there, but nothing to challenge the most forgiving products available in 2018.

We found it was relatively easy to get off the deck, although we did get some low spin numbers at times.


A long fairway wood that offers decent forgiveness.

Head to the Vertical Groove Golf website for more. 

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