European Tour star gets golf ball stuck in sponsor sign, but what's the ruling?

Kurt Kitayama had to try and get his ball out of a sponsor sign during the Magical Kenya Open and the ruling has been explained on the popular golf rules social media page.

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Tue, 30 Mar 2021
European Tour star gets golf ball stuck in sponsor sign, but what's the ruling?

It's not a scenario that we often see on golf's professional tours, but when Kurt Kitayama's ball got stuck in a sponsor sign, many golf fans were left a little confused as to what the rule is in this situation.

The American put in a phenomenal performance at the Magical Kenya Open, where he shot a 5-under par final round to finish in second place at 19-under par, two shots behind winner Justin Harding.

During the tournament, Kitayama struck a sponsor sign and his golf ball didn't fall to the ground after, but instead was wedged within the sign.

Kitayama needed to find his ball and identify it as his before he could take his drop and needed a bit of help removing it.

The clip was then used on the popular Golf Rules Questions Instagram page, where multiple scenarios are posted to help golfers understand both common and unique rules incidents that occur on the golf course.


As well as showing the clip of Kitayama from the European Tour event, the Golf Rules page provided the ruling that was used in this scenario.

"The player’s ball has come to rest inside a sponsor’s sign. The sign is a movable obstruction. So the player should mark a spot directly below where the ball came to rest, this is the reference point for their one club-length relief area, no nearer the hole. They can then use any ball to drop within that one club-length relief area. And of course the sign may be moved. Rule 15.2."

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