The 1PUTT Experience - the GolfMagic Open

GolfMagic took part in its very own GolfMagic Open in association with 1PUTT.

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Tue, 8 Oct 2019
The 1PUTT Experience - the GolfMagic Open

The traditional style of golf isn't for everyone. Some of us love to get out on a proper golf course and enjoy a four-hour round, but some people want to enjoy the social side of golf, without having the traditional aspects of the game.

So many golf clubs are so strict when it comes to things like dress code and etiquette, but 1PUTT offers people the chance to enjoy the parts of the game that so many of us love, in a fun and relaxed environment.

1PUTT has reinvented golf to provide players a new experience where you can play with your friends in teams of up to five players. It's on a nine-hole course where the holes range from extremely short, to some more average length 200 yard holes, there's even a par 2!

The hole is much bigger than a normal golf hole, more like the holes you see on footgolf courses, with the idea being that you spend less time over the short putts and have more opportunities to chip in and possibly get a hole in one.

GolfMagic recently teamed up with 1PUTT at their Esher course to host the GolfMagic Open, where 12 teams took part in the event. The idea did exactly what it said on the tin. Everyone was drinking with their mates while playing a fairly quick round of golf, with music in the background and everyone enjoying themselves.

The top four teams made the nearest-the-pin semi finals (we must add that one of GolfMagic's teams set a new 1PUTT record for the lowest score) and then two teams made the '1PUTT' final, where they battled it out for prizes provided by our friends at adidas Golf.

Following the golf was a BBQ where everyone sat with their friends and continued the flow of alcohol, while a DJ was set up keeping the party atmosphere going with some tunes.

The day itself was a lot of fun and the guys at 1PUTT are definitely on to something. With some minor changes, GolfMagic thinks that this idea could continue to grow across the country.

Make sure you check out the video in this article to get a taste of what 1PUTT is all about.

It's simple, if you love golf, drinking with your mates and having a laugh, then you need to experience 1PUTT. For more information visit: