5 golfers that cause a stir

GolfMagic selects 5 controversial golfers that cause a stir in the golfing world.

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Thu, 13 Dec 2018

5 golfers that cause a stir

There's plenty of heroes and villains out on Tour these days, so here is GolfMagic's top-5 wind-up players...




#1 Patrick Reed


Of course we have to start with Reed... He didn't get off to a great start when he claimed he was a 'top-5 player' back in 2014 when he became the youngest player to win a World Golf Championship title. Reed also thought he'd wind up the European crowd at the Ryder Cup at Gleaneagles back in 2016, something that no European fan has forgiven him for.

Most recently, Reed criticised Team USA captain Jim Furyk for his tactics at this year's Ryder Cup, as well as taking a dig at Jordan Spieth for his performance in Paris. It's also no secret that Reed does not have a lot of friends on Tour, with Kevin Kisner recently saying that other pros "wouldn't p*ss on him if he was on fire."

There's no denying that the 2018 Masters champion has a lot of talent and will certainly be in the winner's circle in 2019, but maybe try and be less of a d*ck, Patrick...