7 signs that every golfer recognises that mean you're going to have a bad round!

The telltale signs that it's not going to be your day out there. 

Andy Roberts's picture
Tue, 24 Apr 2018

#1 - NO TEES!!

So you've arrived on the first tee a good five minutes early. You're prepared, both mentally and physically.

Clean golf clubs and grooves, check. Scorecard, check. Golf balls, check. Glove, check. Tees... tees?

You rustle around the bag for about a minute trying to find a couple of tees, working your way around more pockets than a Ronnie O'Sullivan break of 147.

There's no luck, so it's a quick jog back to the pro shop, followed by a 20-second decision about which sized tees to purchase. You take them to the counter then realise you haven't even got any change to buy them.

Out comes the debit card and as you're punching in those four digits you're thinking 'jeez, I've like what 30 seconds now', before running back to the first tee gasping for breath.

Golf tees and golf tee bags make for wonderful stocking fillers.