Bryson's golf coach: Change the rules and he will still beat you

Bryson DeChambeau's coach Mike Schy believes the new US Open champion will still win even if golf's rule makers change the rules

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Tue, 22 Sep 2020

Bryson DeChambeau's golf coach has told BBC World Service that the new US Open champion will still find ways to win tournaments even if golf's governing bodies look to change the rules to combat his driving distance. 

DeChambeau landed his maiden major title with a commanding six-stroke victory at Winged Foot on Sunday. 

As a result of his new-found power, where the American is now driving his ball more than 350 yards on a regular basis, golf's governing bodies are rumoured to soon announce a set of changes that will combat the biggest hitters on the PGA Tour

But in the eyes of DeChambeau's coach Mike Schy, it will not matter what the rule makers put in the way of the new US Open champion, a man that has relied on science throughout his golf career to improve his game. 


"Try to make it tough for Bryson and I'm telling you he will figure out how to beat you," said Schy. 

"The reality is if you make it so Bryson can't play he will figure it out."

In terms of the specific changes that Schy believes could happen, it may see a number of courses shorten the rough at 200 yards out from the green, with the rough getting progressively longer from inside of 100 yards. 

"They can easily change this whole situation by scaling the rough on courses and they aren't talking about that," said Schy.

"Instead of having the same rough 200 yards out from the green, you scale it.

"At 200 yards it's an inch and a half deep. At 60 yards it's six or seven inches deep. The game can go back to strategy and risk and reward if you scale the rough in the right way.

"If you scale the rough it becomes back to how it used to be." 

Schy also wants it be known that his man DeChambeau is so much more than just a power hitter. 

"He owned that putter and I knew once he owned that it was only a matter of time that he would become a great putter," added Schy. "I hope people don't look past that. To win a major you have to be a great putter and he is.

"I'd say he's probably the best putter in the world right now."



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