Donald Trump offers to play with golf fan on Twitter, but he refuses!

Well this has caused a stir on social media today...

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Thu, 11 Jun 2020
Donald Trump offers to play with golf fan on Twitter, but he refuses

A golf fan has dramatically turned down the opportunity to play golf with United States President Donald Trump, and it has caused quite a stir on Twitter this afternoon. 

With live golf returning on the PGA Tour today at the Charles Schwab Challenge at Colonial, a golfer by the name of Liam Bennett responded to a tweet about which celebrity he would most like to play with.

"I'd pick Donald Trump," tweeted Liam. "He was great in Home Alone 2." Liam then added a GIF of Trump in the film. 



As a result of tagging Trump in his tweet, the US President not only followed Liam but then DM'd Liam telling him that he would take him and his family up to Trump International in Scotland for a round of golf. 



Liam then responded to Trump's message.

"Wow, thanks for messaging me," wrote Liam, "but I think you're a despicable human being, and even if I could play golf I wouldn't want to play with you. How about resigning?"


Trump then, according to Liam, blocked him on Twitter. 



"Wow, that was a wild few minutes where the actual President of the USA was following me on Twitter and even sent me a message," said Liam, reporting what had happened. 

"Shame it ended so badly [crying face]."