Eddie Pepperell FIRES WARNING at Bryson DeChambeau

Eddie Pepperell has fired a warning shot at Bryson DeChambeau as the King of Twitter strikes again.

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Tue, 7 Jul 2020

Eddie Pepperell FIRES WARNING at Bryson DeChambeau

Eddie Pepperell and Bryson DeChambeau didn't get off to the best of starts in terms of a friendship and neither of them would probably go as far to say that they're even mates now, but that didn't stop the Englishman from trying to have a laugh with him on Twitter, a place where Pepperell has reigned King for a long time.

DeChambeau's recent body transformation has proved extremely successful, with the World No.7 gaining a serious amount of speed and distance, making him the longest player on the PGA Tour.


Last week at the Rocket Mortgage Classic, DeChambeau averaged a driving distance of 350.6 yards on his way to picking up his sixth PGA Tour title, the longest average distance by a PGA Tour winner in its history.

DeChambeau has come a long way from being the PGA Tour's 'snail' who was often criticised for his slow play antics, something that Pepperell had previously labelled him a 'single-minded twit' for.

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It wasn't long after Pepperell apologised to DeChambeau for his comments that the two played together in a tournament, where afterwards Pepperell said that they got on pretty well and that DeChambeau had clearly worked on his pace of play.

Fast forward to now and DeChambeau weighs in at around 240 pounds and has clocked ball speeds of up to 196mph, something that we have all found incredibly impressive to witness.



DeChambeau currently tops the PGA Tour Driving Distance statistics with an average of 323 yards, which will probably continue to increase over the coming weeks.

After witnessing DeChambeau tear it up in Detroit and batter his way around the course, Pepperell decided to start a journey of his own and fired a warning shot at DeChambeau on Twitter.

The tweet received thousands of likes and of course it's highly likely that Pepperell is joking, but given that his driving average is around 285 yards, the Englishman could do with adding some extra distance to his game.

Hundreds of golf fans replied to the tweet, but two responses in particular caught our attention, from two fellow English professionals, in Ian Poulter and Lee Westwood.

Poulter joked that he too has tried to consume more protein, but it gives him wind, relating to the Travelers Championship where he was caught out by the nearby microphones.

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