Eddie Pepperell apologises to Bryson DeChambeau over Twitter comments

Eddie Pepperell has apologised to Bryson DeChambeau over the comments made regarding his slow play at The Northern Trust.

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Mon, 12 Aug 2019

Bryson DeChambeau was torn apart on Twitter over the weekend, due to videos circulating of his extremely slow play at The Northern Trust in New Jersey. DeChambeau took over two minutes for a 70 yard wedge shot, where he paced the yardage all the way to the green before going back to hit his ball and he also took a similar time over a ten-foot putt which he went on to miss.

Once the videos had been put on Twitter, thousands of fans, commentators and professional golfers were having their say, with the majority saying it's time for the governing bodies of golf to do something about slow play as it's killing the game.

Eddie Pepperell, who is known for his antics on Twitter, wrote a tweet where he labelled DeChambeau a "single-minded twit" and the majority of those who replied seemed to agree.

DeChambeau received so much online abuse, he believed he was being "attacked" and thought it was unfair that he was being singled out, when he isn't the only culprit.

Brooks Koepka and DeChambeau had a face-to-face meeting at Liberty National to discuss the topic of slow play, after DeChambeau approached Koepka's caddie and told him to tell his boss to make any comments "to my face."

On Monday, Pepperell tweeted an apology to DeChambeau regarding his previous comments, saying: "That was unnecessary and something I shouldn't have said."

Once again, Peperell received a lot of replies from golf fans still upset with DeChambeau and felt an apology from the Englishman wasn't necessary.

The topic of slow play has been heating up even before the start of The Northern Trust and multiple golfers have been making their voices heard on the matter.

Four-time major champion Koepka, regularly talks about the issue with slow play and he can't get his head around why certain players are taking so long. Kopeka belives that slow play "is getting out of hand."

Justin Thomas was playing alongside DeChambeau and Tommy Fleetwood for the first two rounds last week. Thomas, who is a friend of DeChambeau, said that his playing partner is a "slow golfer."

"I hate saying this because I don't want Bryson to think I'm throwing him under the bus or anything like that, but it's just unfortunate where the pace of play is in the game at the moment," added Thomas.



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