England Golf launches 'Membership: Give it a Shot' campaign

England Golf are encouraging the benefits of golf club membership and supporting golf clubs across the country with their new campaign.

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Fri, 18 Jun 2021

England Golf launches 'Membership: Give it a Shot' campaign

England Golf have demonstrated their commitment to golf club membership by launching the 'Membership: Give it a Shot' campaign. 

The campaign, which went live yesterday, focuses on equality, diversity, family and community, with a focus on consumer and club-focused content designed to help golf clubs build their memberships.

England Golf intend to work closely with its key partners and members of the golf community to capture the experiences of club players across England, inspiring players of all ages and abilities.

Golf has offered many people an escape and a relaxing environment to enjoy themselves in throughout the pandemic. The sport lets people socialise and compete with their friends.

Golf club membership has proven to be a valuable and healthy lifestyle product in the last 12 months, so it is no surprise that membership numbers have significantly increased.

The 'Give it a Shot' campaign aims to attract golfers who are actively playing, whether it is at a driving range, a par-3 course or at a pitch and putt facility.

More than 4.3 million players were recorded as playing at driving ranges across Great Britain in 2020, as the average age of golfers fell from 46 to 41.

The key principles of the campaign that England Golf are looking to promote are as follows: 'Play is Flexible, Clubs are Sociable and Golf is Affordable.'

"We would like to use this exciting period to support clubs in England with resources to help retain members and attract more golfers, with a first-class suite of digital assets and customisable templates that showcase the sport's true personality," said Jeremy Tomlinson, the CEO of England Golf.

"We believe club membership has never been more important and offers individuals, groups and families an environment that represents the best way to fully enjoy the sport."