Golf club offering REWARD as vandals tear up greens

Henbury Golf Club is offering a reward to anyone who helps lead to the arrest of the person responsible for tearing turf out the greens.

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Mon, 1 Jun 2020
Golf club offering REWARD as vandals tear up greens

Henbury Golf Club, located near Bristol, is offering a reward to anyone who provides information that leads to the arrest of the person or persons responsible for causing a serious amount of damage to their greens on Friday evening.

Golfers and golf clubs across the country were thrilled with the news that three and fourballs were once again permitted as of June 1, but just as Henbury GC prepared for the positive change, they were hit by vandals and took to Twitter to plea for help.

"After the joy of getting back on the course we awoke this morning to this, our 9th green," the club tweeted.

"So sad and depressing after the positive community spirit engendered during the full lockdown. A reward is being offered for info leading to the arrest of the person or persons responsible."



Later that day, Henbury Golf Club tweeted once more, thanking everyone for their messages and to provide an update on the fast work that had been completed by the club's greenkeepers.

"Thanks to everyone for the support and good wishes. Our amazing geeenstaff have pulled out all the stops as usual and we are already on the mend. Onwards and upwards! #HenburyDoesGolf"

The original tweet received hundreds of replies, with some people suggesting that the damage was an inside job that looked like it had been done with a turf cutter.

Check out some of the replies below or click on the tweet above to see more.

Twitter Reacts

"What actually goes through someone’s head to do something like this."

"Looks like a turf cutter used! Strange! Have you checked to see if tool shed has been robbed?"

"Looks almost proffsionally done? Maybe a former staffer?"

"That doesn’t look random. Anyone lost their job at the club?"

"Watch for local lawns being returfed. That's been done with a turf cutter, no question."

"I’m horrified and so sorry to see this. I’ve played and enjoyed Henbury on many occasions as my twin, brother in law and nephew are all members there. This is shocking - I do hope the brainless vandals are caught, named and shamed."

"This confuses me. All of the lines are perfectly straight, and the grass hasn't been stolen. Depth of the cut is consistent throughout. Looks like a tool has been used, so not just a random twat surely?"