Golf fan shares his Masters bathroom, and social media loves it!

Have you ever seen a cooler golf-themed bathroom than this one?! 

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Wed, 19 Feb 2020
Golf fan shares his Masters bathroom, and social media loves it!

It's fair to say some golf fans are more ardent about our beautiful sport than others, and there might be few more passionate than Gregg Thompson - @golf69ski88 on Twitter - especially when it comes to The Masters.

Check out Gregg's very impressive Augusta National-themed bathroom below, in response to a post sent out by Fox Sports' Shane Bacon on the "dorkisest golf thing" he had lying around. Click on Gregg's images below to see them in all their detail...



The highlight when it comes to Gregg's epic Masters bathroom has to be the iconic 12th hole emblazoned onto the shower curtain.

Then you have got the Amen Corner sign that directs you nicely to the sink, where yu 'sink' some putts on a putting mat - although it does not quite look 14 on the Stimp. 

You've then got Augusta signs on the towels, Masters books for toilet reading, and a signed Bubba Watson Masters flag from 2012 in the corner. 

Some of the comments to Gregg's post were first class. 

"Please tell me there's a Nantz voice over when that toilet flushes," tweeted @newclubgolf, to which Gregg replied: "Working on that."

Another golf fan said: "If you get green toilet paper they may sue you."

One golf fan was sitting on the fence about it though when commenting: "I don't know if this is amazing or horrific?"

What do you make of this bathroom? Have you got any golf themes going on where you live? Share your thoughts and comments on our social media channels over on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.