GOLF POLL: 26% of our followers say UNTUCKED SHIRTS bother them!

Where do you stand on untucked golf shirts? We posed the question to GolfMagic followers on social media...

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Tue, 27 Jul 2021
GOLF POLL: 26% of our followers say UNTUCKED SHIRTS bother them!

With a growing number of golfers choosing to wear untucked shirts out on the course in 2021, our latest GolfMagic Debate posed the question as to whether it really bothers you? 

We ran a poll vote off the back of our latest GolfMagic Instagram post earlier this week, and more than a quarter (26%) of our followers said untucked shirts DO bother them on the course. 

Just about every player on the PGA Tour and European Tour tucks their shirt in, but every now and again you will see a professional choose to wear an untucked shirt - usually due to its design, such as the one donned by Rickie Fowler in the post below. 

You do, however, often see a lot of amateur golfers - and plenty of new players to the sport - rocking up to a round of golf these days choosing to wear their shirt untucked. 

"Yes it does bother me," said one GolfMagic reader. "Many other sports you tuck, baseball, basketball, even football you tuck. What is this so polarizing?"

Another reader wrote: "I like the dress codes of traditional golf with some small adjustments. Standards are slipping in lots of areas, doesn't make it right."

"I guess it depends on perspective," said one reader. "I grew up playing traditional country clubs so it was instilled in me to dress accordingly."

"With trousers I would always tuck in," commented another. "Chances are I would have a top on over a polo when in trousers anyway."

"Yes, it really bothers me - and it's annoying," said one irate reader. "Here's why... at the golf club it's completely fair to expect visitors and members to be presented nicely. The problem is - if they had a rule saying all must be presented well, where are the specifics. Humans need idiot proof rules, i.e. collared shirt tucked in etc. It really needs spelling out. Well presented is to subjective."

"This is about respect rather than anything else," commented another follower. "Some traditions just need to upheld and this is one of them. Tuck your shirt in and present the right way - end of story."



However, in a day and age where the industry is doing as much as it can to open doors for new players to take up the sport, the majority of GolfMagic followers (74%) do not care one bit about untucked shirts on the course. 

"Not at all, it hides most of my belly," joked one reader.

"Nope, I go untucked in shorts and a collared shirt all the time," said one follower. 

"No it definitely doesn't bother me - if it does then you're just out of touch with the game," commented another.

"The game needs to adapt, let players tuck or untuck I say," said one reader.

Another wrote: "Anyone that answered 'yes' to this - can you please think about how everyone else perceives golfers and try to work against the stereotypes for 

"It doesn't bother me in the slightest - if people want to look scruffy then let them," said one reader. "They can pair the untucked shirt with a hoodie."

One reader wrote: "I'm new to the sport. Are people this stuck up? Sheesh."

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