Golfer adds his name to the record books by making a CONDOR!

No one had ever made a condor on a par-6, until Kevin Pon rocked up to Lake Chabot in California.

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Thu, 14 Jan 2021
Golfer adds his name to the record books by making a CONDOR!

The odds of amateur golfers making a hole-in-one at a par-3 or somehow making an epic albatross on a par-5 are extremely slim and I mean extremely. But the odds of anyone making what is known as a condor are even slimmer...

In December, Kevin Pon, a 54-year-old 10-handicapper from Castro Valley, stepped on to the 649-yard par-6 18th hole at his local course Lake Chabot in California.

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After he ripped a drive that took a few giant bounces, caught a few paths and then rolled down a hill, Pon found himself 540-yards from the tee, leaving just a wedge into the green that would leave him two putts for an eagle.

The unthinkable then happened when Pon's 120-yard shot didn't just find the green, but the hole, to score a 2 on a par-6 (one of many par-6's found in the USA).

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“I still can’t believe it. I didn’t even see the ball come to rest on either of those two shots,” Pon told Mercury News.

"It's been a weird year."

According to, there have only been six condors ever recorded in the history of golf and the five previous condors were made via hole-in-one's on par-5's, making Pon's the first ever to be made on a par-6.

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