Kevin Kisner apologies for SHOCKING tweet about COVID-19

PGA Tour "disappointed" with Kisner for his "out of character" tweet about coronavirus...

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Mon, 14 Sep 2020
Kevin Kisner apologies for SHOCKING tweet about COVID-19

Kevin Kisner has apologised for the "reckless comment" he made about the coronavirus pandemic in response to a tweet sent by former NBA player Rex Chapman on Saturday. 

Chapman tweeted his frustration at President Donald Trump's response to the pandemic, claiming his friend's parents had died because of COVID-19 and that his own parents have been in hospital and one of his kids had also tested positive for coronavirus on Friday.



"My friends parents have died from Covid & Covid related issues," tweeted Chapman. "My parents are in & out of the hospital. One of my kids tested positive for Covid today. 

"Forgive me if I'm upset over 200,000 dead when the President told us 6-months ago we would be down to 0 cases 'in a few days'."



Kisner, the World No.30, then replied with: "Guess they can't follow the guidelines."

The three-time PGA Tour winner has since deleted his tweet, and has also apologised for his "reckless comment."



"Earlier this morning, I made a reckless comment," tweeted Kisner. 

"I diminished the real experience of pain and loss suffered by many during the pandemic. 

"I am not without empathy but I certainly exercised poor judgement. I apologize to Rex Chapman and anyone else that was hurt by my comment."



Chapman responded to Kisner’s original tweet by tweeting "I gotta block ya now" and that he would not be accepting of Kisner’s apology.

"Done with people like you. We all are," he tweeted.

Since then, Chapman has tweeted that Kisner reached out and that the pair spoke about the comment. 

The PGA Tour claims to have spoken directly to Kisner following his tweet. 

"His remarks do not reflect the nature of our sport or organization, both of which strive to offer compassion and unity," read the PGA Tour statement.

"We were pleased to see Kevin take ownership of the situation and have since spoken to him directly. We will have no further public comment on the matter."