Kevin Na denies 'FALSE RUMOURS' in Korean message

Kevin Na has left a lot of golf fans confused following his cryptic message he left his Korean fans after his win at the Shriners Open.

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Tue, 8 Oct 2019

Kevin Na had to wait a hell of a long time for a win on the PGA Tour and he wasn't getting any younger, but over the last year something in him has clicked. Na now has three PGA Tour wins in his last 30 starts, two of which coming in his home city of Las Vegas. Before Sunday, Na had never won a playoff before, losing every time in his three attempts, but at the Shriners Open at TPC Summerlin, that all changed.

With his father in the crowd to watch him win for the first time, it was a very special moment for Na, whose daughter was also in attendance to watch him win PGA Tour victory no.3.

Na was born in Korea, but moved to the USA when he was 8. Now 36, you could see how much it meant to Na to win in front of the Las Vegas crowd for the second time, the city where he lives.

Following his victory, Na was being interviewed by Golf Channel's Chantel McCabe, where he was answering questions about his battle with Patrick Cantlay, one of the favourites to win the tournament due to his fantastic TPC Summerlin record. They discussed Na's ability to overcome the triple bogey he made at the 10th hole and what it took mentally to get himself back in the zone, but then Na said to McCabe "I want to say something in Korean, too."

As soon as Na said those words he was instantly full of emotion and had to take a moment to compose himself before addressing his native fans, in a message that lasted around 45 seconds.

Later on Na sat down in front of the media for his winner's press conference, where he was asked what exactly he said to his Korean Fans.

"I just said it took a lot of hard work," Na said. "I thanked the fans for believing in me, cheering for me. Just wanted to send a message back home."

Well according to Golf Channel's Will Gray, Na left out some key information and was being very vague, as the actual translation for Na's message reads: "To my Korean fans, for always supporting and believing in me despite all these false rumors. I want to say thank you. No matter what anyone said about me, I have been very happy. So as I kept my mouth shut, I feel like I showed you my feelings with my clubs today. Even as I bit my tongue, I have gotten to this point. Thank you to my fans again, I will see you soon at the CJ Cup."

Na refused to say any more on the matter, saying "no, I think I've said enough."

The so called 'false rumours' that Na mentions are yet to break as a story and we don't know if they ever will, but it's very interesting to say the least, what could Na be talking about? Time will tell...



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