Lucas Bjerregaard is using a COAT HANGER as a training aid at US Open

Now here's something you don't see every day on the practice range...

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Tue, 11 Jun 2019


You could have excused any US Open tournament official for directing Lucas Bjerregaard to the nearest locker room at Pebble Beach when the Dane rocked up to the practice range with his clubs and a coat hanger yesterday. Yes, a coat hanger. 


But the coat hanger was on hand for good reason, acting as a training aid. 

According to Bjerregaard, 27, he was holding the coat hanger in his hands on the underside of the grip as he gripped the club, and it remained there during each shot he hit on the range. 

Check out the tweet by's Luke Dineen of Bjerregaard using his coat hanger on the practice range ahead of this week's US Open...



The goal, claims the two-time European Tour winner, is to help him increase the amount of shaft lean he receives at impact during his swing. 

Bjerregaard has told how the new drill has dramatically improved his quality of strike and aided a more penetrating ball flight.

So there you have it, keep hold of those coat hangers and put them to good effect down the range!



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